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  • Manifesting Gift #4 | Permission

    We hope you have enjoyed the Desires in December and that they help you live your dreams and manifest your wishes. We have received wonderful feedback on the three gifts we have given so far; because these all require time … Continue reading

  • Desires in December 2

     “A person who follows their dreams is a person who taps into the unlimited possibilities of life.” Can you believe that knowing what you desires (or what you wish for, dream about, hope for) is one of the hardest things … Continue reading

  • Your Wish Come True

    Hello Everyone! Since time doesn’t exist, it should be no surprise that it is already December and 2014 is just around the corner! Desires In December This is the time of year that The Oracle has us look at our … Continue reading

  • Romance Is Attraction

    When you are in love, when you are falling in love, you are activated. We say, your energy is active at the vibration of romance. You are in an energy that is more magnetic and attractive. If you are not … Continue reading