Goal Setting For Success In Your Source’s World?

Did you know that you have a profound influence on what you experience in your life?

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Ms Kalyn went to a marketing conference this last weekend, and many presenters talked about setting goals and doing whatever it takes to make them happen. She listened and asked us, setting goals like this hasn’t worked for me, it exhausted me. Does it really work for them?


We say yes and no- You see, they are activating energies and their mindset is such that they are in aligntenment™, at which point, yes, they are successful. They present an incomplete picture because they just don’t realize that they are in the mental, emotional and physical state of being that will bring success. When in the state of aligntenment™ the forced, driven and persistent determination they are speaking of could be absent and you can still be successful. Being right there with their connection to the success their Source Energy holds in its world for them, they are thinking thoughts that will lead to their success; they are feeling inviting and allowing of success and they are taking actions that activate success. They are having a profound influence on their lives, as they prefer.


How do they know all the right things to be aligning to, you may ask. How do they know, because you can’t figure these things out. Well, no amount of trying will do it. No, it comes from allowing. They are believing and experiencing themselves in their Source’s world. They may not even be conscious of it, because you don’t have to be conscious of what you are aligned to in order to activate it.


However, when you are conscious of it then you can be sure to activate the alignment to everything you prefer that is in your Source’s world. We will speak more of how to connect with your Source’s world and how to hold your aligntement™; for today, reach for the now moment, reach for higher vibrating feelings and thoughts. Reach for the sense of your confidant who ensures that all is well for you and who has great love for you. Choose to believe that you have a Source Energy like this who is always with you and holding the best life for you.


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