Romance Is Attraction

Grassy FieldWhen you are in love, when you are falling in love, you are activated. We say, your energy is active at the vibration of romance. You are in an energy that is more magnetic and attractive.

If you are not there now, how do you activate this in you? How do you turn on your magnetism?

The energy you activate is as simple as how you get ready in the morning as it is all a matter of where you focus. Getting ready means thinking about and focusing and you begin to think about getting dressed, washed, eating and such. What you need to do becomes evident and apparent. When you focus upon romance, your thoughts of romance increase in a similar way. The thoughts come from energies being activated such that your ideas about an ideal mate, feelings of romance and thoughts about a wonderful date increase.

Yes, it just comes from your focus. We say, to experience more love or to attract your love, focus. Focus on love in your life. Focus on how you will feel and what you will enjoy doing together.

We say, we know that at times your focus becomes distracted by other thoughts which may not serve you. Thoughts about being rejected or not show interest or attraction. We say fears of never meeting the right person or fears of being hurt can jump in, clouding the brilliant sunshine of your wonderful romance focus.

We say, if this happens then flow. Flow your thoughts because you only experience the undesirable thoughts more when you avoid them. Allow your thoughts because it is only when you allow them and then re-focus on the focus of love and romance that you will begin to shift your energy and, thus, what you attract.

You are meant to meet love in your life. You are meant to be loved and experience wonderful adventures with your lover. Your Source Energy has this for you, if you so desire. It could only be those undesired fears or worries, which are truly energies out of flow, that would create an experience of a lack of love in your life.

No, a lack of love is invalid. Not because you are, but only because you happen to be in an energy of lack that is not meant to be. It is truly an illusion, and if you like, it is time to set that illusion straight and to experience the love that is here for you, the mate that you can share your life with. It is time, if you are choosing so, for you to have a spiritual relationship.

Need help allowing more love in your life?

Because relationships are an important part of life, Kalyn has created a free webinar and course on Spiritual Relationship in which she uses The Oracle’s wisdom to help you attract love in your life or help you increase the love in your current relationship.

Receive help in 3 easy steps:

1) Write in your questions about love – just respond to this email;

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Can you not have love in your life?

Grassy FieldAll is love. Thus, we say, can you not have love in your life?

Not from our perspective and we know you hold a differing perspective. We say, if all is love and the love of your Source Energy truly surrounds all of your life, then there is more love for you than you can imagine, and there is, whether you are single or in relationship.

We say, if you are open to love, if you are seeking love and if you are allowing it, it will come.

When you wish for love or more love in your life but are not experiencing it, there is a part of you that fears love, fears being hurt or fears opening to another.

When you think of increasing the love in your life, do you open with excitement or does a small part of you feel fear? Does a small part of you close down, ensuring you will not be hurt?

What do you love in your life? When you love, you activate love. When you focus on being loving you experience more loving in your life. When you are open to love, you are more welcoming. You are welcoming of strangers you meet, keeping your heart from shutting down and keeping your mind from judging or turning them away before you get to know them. When you are welcoming you find something to enjoy even in those who are not your potential lover. You find something to appreciate and something to like about the person and the experience. You find yourself in a more joyful place because joy is the byproduct of love.

Open to love. Activate love in your life. Be more loving– and love will come your way and increase its presence and the joy in your life.


Need help allowing more love in your life?

Because relationships are an important part of life, Kalyn has created a free webinar and course on Spiritual Relationship in which she uses The Oracle’s wisdom to help you attract love in your life or help you increase the love in your current relationship.

Receive help in 3 easy steps:

1) Write in your questions about love – just respond to this email;

2) View the free webinar and

3) Sign up for the Spiritual Relationship course at

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Speak With Your Source

landscape“We say, do you speak with your Source Energy?

Do you look at your life and tell your Source about how you are feeling, about what you are dreaming about and about what you want to become?

You forget that your Source listens. You forget that there is, in your Source, an endlessly interest that is focused on you.

Speak with your Source, if you listen and talk long enough, you will begin to receive a response. The response may be in one of many forms, depending on how you best receive. You may hear an inner sound, you may have a sense; you can suddenly know or become aware of the presence of your Source and what is being communicated.

You can practice this and it is certainly something that we teach for those who wish to pursue this.

We say, what we most want you to hear from us today is that when you speak with your Source you can ask your Source about your experience. You can become aware of what your Source is helping you become so that you may live your dreams. You can speak with your Source about a pattern or challenge you encounter and would like to move past.

You have unlimited help. Many do not realize or acknowledge this, but you can. Speak with your Source Energy often and come to know that you have a resource, a creator and a granter of all you wish to be or experience. Thus, this is the most important relationship in your life – see it as such and you will see your life shifting. You will find yourself feeling loved, gifted and more unlimited.”

The Oracle

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You Are Meant To Be Loved

heart linksYou are love.

And you are loved.

 And you are meant to love;

You are meant to have love, to have a romantic relationship, in your life. You are meant to have someone who you share your heart and soul with, someone who knows you intimately and openly. You are meant to be so comfortable, so in love, that can be yourself, authentically.

You are meant to love someone as they are and to see their true light shining through even in their dark moments; you are meant to laugh with them, enjoy them and know what it means to have such love that your heart is overflowing.

Now, we know that life and love are not perfect and that you don’t experience days without challenge.

But, we say, if your days held the perception that life was meant to hold such love;

If you thought of relationship in this light and anticipated such love;

If you choose to love another in these ways;

Then, we say, you would have an experience of a spiritual partnership- a soulful love with open hearts and greater dreams.

There are many disguises of hate and separation in your experience- but deep in your heart, your Source intends such love for you.

And this you are meant to have, to experience and to be.

-The Oracle


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Use Time Not Existing To Your Advantage

Time Doesn’t Exist: Use This To Your Advantage

It’s likely you’ve heard the concept that time doesn’t exist– doesn’t that sound like it provides opportunities for you? Of course!

Since everything is energy first, in this video Kalyn will have you tune into the memory (energy) of a past experience and help you uplift it. Just watch — and for more great lessons to help you live Larger Than Life, join the Larger Than Life  ongoing class that is starting up soon to improve all aspects of your life from your biz to your mindset!


Well, on one journey that Kris & I lead, we had all 15 participants bring a photograph of themselves as a child. They held the photo as we lead a deeper version of this meditative process and used the fact that time doesn’t exist to assist the boy or girl in the picture.

AT THE END OF THE PROCESS THE PHOTOS CHANGED. Everyone could see the change in their own photo and could see the change in the photo of other participants.

I know it’s hard to believe– don’t believe me! Try it, watch the video and have your own experience. Try it more than once because, if you can change your past, you’ll be in a better place today and tomorrow.

Needless to say, participants on our journeys CHANGE THEIR LIVES!


About Kalyn:
Kalyn is co-owner of the expert voice of her Online & Social Marketing Firm and the co-owner of The Golden Flow(TM) System of accelerated enlightenment and well-being. Kalyn is an author, medium and businesswoman – helping people improve all aspects of their lives.


Connect with Kalyn:

Sign up for The Oracle emails – above in right column

Sign up for her Spiritual Relationship course

Or join a journey/retreat to change your life and work with energy!

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The Gift of Love

heart doorLove: Holes, Whole and Completion

“We say, one of the things you most want is love.

Why? Are you incomplete without another? We say, yes and no.

You see, you are a complete person. You’ve noticed that you are an individual; you operate your day to day life, you have your own hopes, dreams and desires. You have family and friends and you relate with them. Yes, you are your own authentic person.

Physically you are a complete person and in physical love you can connect, so that two become one whole. Just like your yin and yang symbol. Each piece is it’s own complete piece, and the two complete pieces create a whole.

So we say, you desire love because it makes you whole.

We say, the trick comes when you have holes, wounds in your heart and in your energy. These holes mean that you are not complete. When two people with holes come together, they still are incomplete and, thus, they cannot make a whole.

Ms Kalyn is creating a class on spiritual partnership. We say, a spiritual partnership is about your being complete and coming into the whole of a loving, spiritual partnership. It is about becoming complete in order to attract a partnership.

We say, learn to be complete within yourself. Learn to hold love for yourself and your life. Become Who you authentically are. Notice that people who are complete have more wholesome love in their lives. You have the same desire for such love, as you are meant to. You have the same ability to experience the new hights your life can take when you take your relationships from incomplete connections to complete mind, body, heart and soul connection that occurs in the blending of two: two Source Energies and two humans creating more than  you can imagine.

Learn More About Spiritual Relationships By Signing Up For The Webinar Here.

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Allow Your Source Energy To Flow Endless Gifts To You

calm river“We say, a lot of people try to change the flow of their lives which is like trying to move a river. They expend great effort and energy to try to make things be or go as they want them to.

We say, this is a recipe for exhausting and aging yourself. We say, life is meant to be a dream. Life is meant to be an endless stream of experiences in which you are receiving love from your Source Energy in many forms. You are meant to receive this love in the forms of your desires fulfilled, experiences that bring you pleasure and joy and feeling of self love, self confidence and self expansion.

These gifts are meant to come effortlessly to you, not as a pushing of the river. These gifts are meant to keep you joyful, youthful and energized.

Tap into the flow of love from your Source and you will be allowing your life to please you. Stop focusing on how you think life should be and begin to allow life to flow, as every river knows exactly what to bring in order to deliver clean waters, lively fish or what you desire – in abundance. Create no dams to try to control the flow and instead allow the flow. This will provide you an effortless, endless stream of pleasurable gifts from your Source Energy.”

The Oracle

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A Matter of Love

Grassy FieldQuestion For The Oracle:

Submitted on Facebook:

im so sad atm can u help


The Oracle’s Reply:

Hello Loved One-

We say, you are loved. Everyone is loved by their Source Energy and there can be no other way, as love is the fabric of creation.

Now that does not mean you are experiencing the love that you are or the love that your Source Energy has for you.

Everywhere and everything is love, but it is often covered by lower-vibrating energies. As such, you can feel as though you are experiencing only a lack of love.

We say, change your mind. Recognize that, if you raise your vibration you will experience more of that love.

Recognize that our words are true. When you change your mind and realize that love is or that you can feel better, you will have made a first shift in your energy and, therefore in your experience.

There is much we can say about shifting your experience, but as a quick fix, we say, change your mind. Focus on something that allows you to feel more love.

The Oracle


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Contrary To What You Want

Ilsted_The_open_door“Generally speaking, we say, you know what you want. You may or may not know how to attract it quickly, how to become it, but there are some simple behaviors you can become aware of that will enable you to shift your energy into greater fluidity and greater allowing.

We say, if you are not experiencing everything you prefer, then question your own welcoming of your day, your life and what you prefer. Everyone thinks that they are always welcoming of what they prefer but even your thinking tends to be unwelcoming. When you think about what you prefer to have or experience, whether it is simple, a cup of coffee today, or whether it is larger to you, to find the love of your life or attract a small fortune, when you first think of what you prefer, how do you feel? Are you welcoming or contrary to it?

Do you hesitate in feeling you deserve it? Do you instantly take a contrary position in which you feel that you wouldn’t be able to speak or love at the level of your dream lover? Do you shy away from spending time enjoying the thought, the day-dreaming about what you would like? Are your thoughts telling you that, if you had that kind of money, all would be well, without thinking about who you would be and how you would feel (which would be welcoming) with such money? Thinking your problems would be solved can be contrary, as it is a way to resist your problems and your current experience.

We say, where or how are you contrary? We say, being contrary means that you are, at some level within yourself, choosing to hold a position, a thought, a feeling or an energy that is contrary to what you prefer. This, we say, is like standing in a door, blocking or limiting the energy that can come through, although this is the door that would bring forth what you prefer.

Last week we spoke about attachments you may not be aware of; this week we say you also may be contrary without realizing it. Here is a way for you to check whether you allow life to bring what  you prefer through the door or whether you stand, contrary and blocking the entrance.

Ask yourself, in an experience in your life, do you think, feel or speak as though you are being given what you were asking for or do you take a contrary position? Are you focused on welcoming and receiving what your Source Energy is always bringing- what you ask for? Or are you distracted with something else, often what is wrong with what another said or did, activating a different and often contrary energy?

We want you to understand that your energy becomes bound when you are contrary to what you prefer. When you instead stop focusing on making sure the world around you is as you want it to be, which is contrary to how it is and what you desire, then things will flow. If you change your mind and choose to loosen some of your focus so that you are welcoming of your preferences instead, you will find your experience shifting in directions you desire.”

The Oracle

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What Does One Do In A Situation Like This


marriedHi K2 and the Oracle,

One thing that has been consistently on my mind & I have been working with in visualizing a positive outcome. Is this I am married to a lovely guy, however we hardly see things from same perspective. I know he is my big learning lesson in this life just as much as I am for him, however it is challenging being with a being who is defensive towards me in mostly all things we discuss about. The flow is not there (if it is it is only for a few days a year)  And am stuck between loyalty to see it through no matter what as we have made a commitment to one another or decide to go? In the beginning of our relationship he came across as the soul mate I have always wanted, but since being together it is anything but that?  It feels more like I am his caretaker. We have been together for 12 years & we seem to go over the same issues every week every year it is getting very monotonous & we don’t seem to move on from this point? I have turned myself inside out to try to understand this? What does one do in a situation like this? I would appreciate a different outlook or point of view very much so.

Blessings and warm appreciation to you both and The Oracle.



Hello Z-

What a wonderful question. Most people experience difficulties with love and money, so yours is a great question which will benefit many;

We say, first we want you to realize that your experience is common. There are many who begin to feel as though their marriage or relationship has not gone as expected. Many don’t understand what happened to the wonderful person they had connected with and fallen in love with and committed to.

We want you to recognize that this is common because then you’ll understand that you have not done something ‘wrong’, as you cannot.

No, what has occurred is that you have both come to a place where you are not fully living who you truly are. You are not feeling like you can, which is, of course, a false premise.

We say, change your mind. Decide to be who you truly are and do not allow the relationship, the money or family members to impose an agreement upon you to be someone else. Let’s look at this more deeply for you: for many including you, they want to feel more love in their relationship, they want to feel more connection. However, the other person says something to trigger anger or hurt and then you change from focusing on feeling loving to defending or shutting yourself down.

What would occur if you stayed true to you? What if you chose to let the anger or pain flow and stay focused on who you truly are, the more loving version of you?

We know that it is difficult when you feel unloved or under attack. We say, this is an illusion. This is something that you have attracted and it is not representative of how your Source Energy feels about you.

When you choose to tap into how your Source Energy feels about you and how your Source Energy sees your mate, you will change your mind. Flow to change your mind, re-frame or use anything else you can to help you see as your Source does or to feel loved by your Source. Choose to do whatever it takes to feel yourself – to feel like the you that you know yourself to be. Choose to feel the love you wanted to feel.

Before love, the behavior of others changes. They may kick and scream a bit at first, but then they change. Before love others will have to reflect love back to you or stop reflecting you. In other words, Ms Z, we say, be who you know yourself to be. Don’t let your husband fool you into thinking that he is what you are experiencing, for you know that he is not. No, instead insist on being the more joyful, connected person you were when you fell in love. Insist on being the loving wife you want to be now.

We say, you will change by becoming who you want to be. Then the relationship will change. The relationship will let you know whether you will stay in a more loving relationship or it will fade and you will find yourself in different circumstances.

First find you, who you truly are. It will take you a little while, but when you keep coming back to feeling like the version of you that you want to be and you get better and better at this, then you will see the relationship changing in one direction or another. Then you will know whether it is time to rejoice and a re-birthed love will come forward or whether you have outgrown the marriage, for, you see, everything must grow. It will grow together or apart.

Your marriage is far more likely to grow together when you focus on being who you truly are. You have great love and great support assisting you; keep coming back to who you know you truly are and that more loving and connected person will create wonderful things with unseen help that is all around you.

In our love,

The Oracle

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