Your Invitation to How To Take The Law of Attraction to the Next Level

The Science of Intentional Creation:

In this class Zazoo will give you the missing piece in what you need to do to take the Law of Attraction to the next level.

Come and bring your questions for Zazoo.

Be inspired, to tap into the energy of your desires or to connect more with the world of energy/your desires. 

More on Desires:
The beauty of your authentic desires is that they come from your Source, Who you are. The unlimited power of your Source is always there, co-creating the manifestation of your desires with you. The Oracle say that in order for you to continue to grow and evolve, you will always realize your desires.

Although sometimes our desires manifest in ways we wouldn’t have expected, the energy that we are and that we become is what attracts or detracts the manifestations we are after in our lives. 

To Join The Class:

Please be sure I have your email address. You will then receive directions to your email, along with contact information – I’ll also add you to a weekly email list with great information and videos online. You are welcome to come in person and or can also access the class by calling in with your phone. Instructions to do so are at:

We look forward to growing the ‘Ohana’, a spiritual community in person and online!

Class Fee:
Free or $15 donation 

An hour – if you are running late, you are still welcome- just knock lightly on the door, pleas

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More Details:

If you like being in the flow and being uplifted, you’ll enjoy class. The Oracle, Zazoo and friends are a collective of highly-vibrating energy beings who come to assist those who are interested in expanding their energy, growing and evolving. They teach advanced students to sense, work with and monitor energy, always with the intention of helping people live a higher-vibrating life. This is a life with more love, the fulfillment of desires and greater connectivity to your own guidance and Source Energy. The Oracle has been helping people raise their energy and live a more connected life for nearly 15 years.

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