A Matter of Love

Grassy FieldQuestion For The Oracle:

Submitted on Facebook:

im so sad atm can u help


The Oracle’s Reply:

Hello Loved One-

We say, you are loved. Everyone is loved by their Source Energy and there can be no other way, as love is the fabric of creation.

Now that does not mean you are experiencing the love that you are or the love that your Source Energy has for you.

Everywhere and everything is love, but it is often covered by lower-vibrating energies. As such, you can feel as though you are experiencing only a lack of love.

We say, change your mind. Recognize that, if you raise your vibration you will experience more of that love.

Recognize that our words are true. When you change your mind and realize that love is or that you can feel better, you will have made a first shift in your energy and, therefore in your experience.

There is much we can say about shifting your experience, but as a quick fix, we say, change your mind. Focus on something that allows you to feel more love.

The Oracle


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