Figuring Out Life to Make it Work for You Today

“It is said that you are upon a journey with no destination and this is what life is.

What does this mean to you and how do you do what you are meant to do here in life when there is no destination? How do you know where to go, what to do and what to accomplish?

Well, there is no thing that you are meant to accomplish, although you involve yourselves in projects that you then benefit to complete. Life is a journey because you are meant to have adventures every day and to experience who you are and what you prefer. Life is also about completing what you set out to do because it helps you shift and refine who you already are, providing adventures and journeys with no destination because you are already perfect the way that you are.


Now, we use the word ‘perfect’ very carefully, you see. This is because upon life there is preciseness but rarely perfection. Nothing about nature, you or your life is perfect or is meant to be, which is why there is no destination. You are not here to perfect anything, though your adventures that lead to your refining and shifting yourself may well lead to completions, which can be confused with a perfection.


You are thus here for the adventures that the journey offers you. These will impact you, and we know that they impact you in both positive and negative ways, but in the long run they always help shape you and shift your energy, or Who you truly are.


Your adventures are thus meant to be enjoyable, they are meant to be experiences that help you develop a better sense of Who you and are what you prefer; they are meant to provide you the opportunities to evolve and expand.


When you change your mind and see life as a series of adventures that work to help you know yourself, know what you love and move yourself towards these, then you no longer try to figure life out or to figure out what you are meant to be doing. Instead you align yourself to the joy of the journeys that are offered to you. You consciously choose what it is you prefer from the choices life offers and you come to use these to give yourself a daily excuse to appreciate the adventure, to appreciate yourself and all of the lovely things life provides along your path.”

The Oracle

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