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dandelionToday we wish to speak to you about your desires, the things that you want in life. While we know that you ask for them, we want you to know you don’t always welcome and allow them. Are there conditions you place upon what you are asking for or do you welcome the receiving of your desire no matter how it manifests?

If you are not receiving what you are desiring, then we want you to change your mind. When it comes to the things you wish to receive or experience in your life, we want you to release any conditions, focusing only on what needs will be fulfilled. Many of you ask for love, it fulfills a need to share your life, to be loved and to be loving towards another. Many of you then place conditions upon this love by asking that the person be one way or another and by placing limits upon how close they can get to you.

Anything you are wishing for or wanting in your life has purpose. You may or may not be aware of that purpose, and your awareness is not required for you to benefit from the expansion and the becoming of who you truly are when you receive what you ask for.

Let us look at this. If you are asking for love, perhaps the purpose is for you to open your heart more, to move past fears of being hurt or intimacy issues. The desire, which comes from your Source Energy, will shift you because opening your heart and moving past fear will raise your energy. Instead of coming from a lack-based or fear-based energy, you will now come from more of a love-based energy by having allow the love of the relationship.

Open to life. Believe that what your Source Energy is bringing you is everything you could ask for and more. Instead of specifying how the things you are asking for should be, focus on welcoming and allowing great gifts that are seeking to come to you.

The Oracle


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