Oracle Message: Love, Money and Your Source’s World

We wish to speak to you about love and money- There are many of you who feel, or experience, a lack of money, of love, of success -regardless of what you feel you do not have, it is a lack.

We tell you that we, as your Source, have only love for you- This is because we want you to shift how you see your money, your lack, yourself and your life.

You will always say to us, but love doesn’t pay my rent and your love doesn’t keep me warm at night, the way a lover would.

And we say, no, it does not, nor is it meant to.

Our love for you is meant to shift you and help you become Who you truly are. Our love for you is meant to tap you into the world of your Source- a world that awaits you. Referred to as being in the flow, the vortex- and which we are now calling your Source’s world, this is a world of energy that is real.

If you have heard of the maya or the world of illusion, this will help you understand your Source’s world. Miss Kalyn used to say to us, ‘I saw the movie The Matrix and I understand the idea of the illusionary world, but what does this mean in my life? I am experiencing life, what is the illusion? Is life the illusion? Am I supposed to just focus on heaven, which I cannot see, feel, touch, hear? How am I supposed to experience heaven on earth when I can’t perceive it?’

And we said to her then and we say to you now, you are, every day, in or out of the flow. You are every minute outside of the reach of your Source Energy because you are putting yourself out of the flow by trying to make things work and not allowing. You turn away the endless rays of energy from your Source, energies that know no lack, by denying and not allowing for the something more, that is the greatestest creator of your life. You cut yourself off from the real world of energy, your Source’s world, when you thus are focused upon and operating your life in accordance to the maya, a false world that leaves you empty, as it is devoid of the flow of your Source.

The real world of your Source is like a constant and consistent rain made up of these high-vibrating rays of energy; it is a world in which you are Who you know yourself to be in all your love, your potential and your greatest being. It is a world in which you are a co-creator with your Source and in which your manifesting ability is enhanced tenfold by your co-creating with your Source. Unlike the world of illusion, you are not alone, you are not driving yourself to exhaustion and you are not left empty-handed.

The world of illusion tricks you into thinking that if only you had the money, the love, the health or the other things you desire, you would have it all. You would be whole, happy. The illusionary world thus has you chasing your tail. In this world even hard work does not make you happy, bring about your dreams or pay your rent.

Love does, your love.
Have you noticed yourself on a more loving day? Have you noticed things going more your way when you are in the flow? Have you noticed yourself feeling better about you and your life when you are tapped into high-vibrating rays from your Source? When you are in your Source’s world? In this place, your ability to receive love, joy and fulfillment allow your life to come together. They allow things to work out and they diminish the lack that you hold on to from the world of illusion.

Our love for you is meant to shift you so that you may tune into your Source’s world and so that you may live the life in which you are Who you truly are, in which you know having, not lack, and you experience all that you prefer. In your Source’s world you feel blessed and loved. Tapping into these energies has you activating them in your life, and this allows you to co-create the life of your dreams.

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