The World of Mass Consciousness & The World of Your Source – Which One Will You Live In?

As we move further into 2012, the Age of Authenticity, more and more you will see two worlds emerging. One is the world that mass consciousness is experiencing now. In this world, call it the old world, old systems, political, economical and cultural systems are breaking down and falling apart. There is much contraction. There is much disconnect and chaos.

The other world is what we are calling the world of Source. In your Source´s world there is love, abundance, growth and expansion. Life flows and unfolds in seemingly miraculous ways. Those who are true to Self, which is being Authentic, see their world through the eyes of Source. When you see through the eyes of your Source, life looks very different. You can still see the old world, but you are unaffected by the suffering in it. You see the Divine purpose behind it all, but your focus is different than those in the old world. Your focus is on love. You allow Source´s love for you and you extend that love into the world. You know that all begins in energy and as you continue to give a positive, authentic energetic offering to life, life reflects that back to you in the form of the manifestation of your deepest desires and dreams.

The Oracle says:

“There are two worlds – the world of illusion, or Maya, and the real world, your Source’ world. One of these is real. We can ask which you’d like to live in, but we have a good guess. We know that the only reason you aren’t living in your Source’ world is because you don’t quite know how to get there, how to tap into it.

We want you there. We want you feeling, sensing and perceiving it. We want to shift your perception so that you can, more and more, perceive through the eye’s of your Source, as this will tap you into your Source’s world.

In this world, you have a confidant. You have someone who loves you, who judges you not and who has a vested interest, so to speak, in your success; in your dreams coming true. You have your own cheerleader and someone who you connect with and feel loved by. This love and this desire to make your life be all that you want and more is here now for you. It is real, and we like to emphasize that it is the real world, that the world of illusion is the false. What will you choose to believe?

Well, the truth is that it is difficult for you to know, to perceive, to believe in or to experience your Source’s world until you can raise your vibration. And we say to you, this doesn’t mean that you should assume that the world of illusion is real or that no one cares for you. We know that it can be difficult to perceive this world when all the evidence and, you think, that all your experience is in this world. However, we want to help you to disprove this. We want to help you to re-connect to Who you truly are and for this you do need to raise your energy. But this can be done and it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it may sound or even as some of your experience has been. It is meant to be a smooth flow, an easy thing for you to do- when you make the choice to.”

So many people have benefited from The Oracle and enjoyed the energetic boost they offer over the years- we truly love seeing the shift in those who take their teachings to heart, but we especially love seeing their lives improve as their dreams become their every day life.

After some time of taking our own lives to the next level, we are now pleased to be announcing new ways to experience The Oracle via webinars and retreats, which follow.

Tuesday Oracle Gatherings

Come lean about these two worlds and about tuning yourself into the world of your Source Energy next Tuesday – The Oracle speaks of the gatherings as a time to allow yourself to naturally raise your vibration and tap into your authenticity. At the same time, they will be sharing their love and wisdom, helping us connect with the world of our Source and then allowing for questions helping you refine your ability to live Who you truly are, to tap into your authenticity and, of course, your Source’s World.


We generally love to journey to Mexico, taking participants to beautiful and transformational places that unveil another side of Mexico that most fall in love with. No doubt we will plan Mexico too, but for now, we have a cruises-retreats coming very soon with The Oracle:

A Gift To You In The Age Of Authenticity
December 9 (7 Day Cruise) 2012 –

$ Gift

We are escaping some of winter and cruising out of Miami!

Please feel invited to join us! Book your cruise (but do it quickly as they are running out of cabins) and we will all get together. We will plan on having at least 3 Oracle Gatherings- if not more, time and excursions allowing.

Yes, please join us – cruise details follow – and consider this our gift to you. Please let us know if you are booking, but there will be no registration cost – as our gift and The Oracle’s gift to you towards your authenticity and your tapping into your Source Energy’s world!

Cruise details: The Carnival cruise is a 7 day cruise, Sunday to Sunday departing on December 9th on the Carnival Valor out of Miami, FL. The cruise goes to the Bahammas, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico & Grand Turk. The ocean view cabin is listed as costing $509 per person (based on double-occupancy) right now plus taxes- Carnval lays the information out well and will give you all costs, details and requirements (like a passport) on their website, which is where we booked.

Another retreat will be scheduled for the later half of 2013; retreats and classes with The Oracle always hold gift for participants though this event will mark the only fee-free gifted event, so make sure to book your cruise soon!

Wishing you all much love, authenticity and connection with your Source in this magical age-

Love & Light,
K2 & The Oracle

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