What is in my destiny

Question (re-written for anonymity)

My aging parents needed help, especially with my father having developed a heart condition. Work allowed me to work remotely, but it’s been a month and they need me back. What do I do and what is in my destiny from a spiritual, love and physical perspective?


flowing“We want to begin by making one thing clear for you, you are bigger than most people tend to believe they are. You are truly you and your Source Energy or your Higher Self, or any other wording that suits you. As such, when you speak of such things as your destiny you have to understand the simplicity and the complexity of this topic:

You see, time does not exist in the linear manner in which you experience it – and the Source Energy part of you knows this. Thus, your Source Energy can shift and change the energy that you both share and that connects you at any time, any past, present or future, as you know it. Simply speaking, youz, as we like to describe you and your Source Energy, can alter your destiny as easily as you can choose what to wear in the morning. On a complex level, how and when youz will affect and shift your destiny has to do with your karmatic energy, your energetic frequency and what you are focusing on in your life.

With all of this having been said, we want to say that the journey of life offers you choices all along the way. Regardless of the choice, you are truly always choosing who you are and who you are becoming.

As such, the true question you have before you is how you wish to handle your life as it applies to who it is that you are.

We also want you to recognize this, if you can. When you are being authentic to who you are, your Source Energy then helps you, orchestrating your life to bring about harmonious experiences. When you are not being authentic, you tend to feel that you are going against the flow of life and always pushing to make things happen. You are stuck, feeling that you need to help your parents, but are being pulled to return to your life. Ask yourself, where is the flow for you? What is authentic to you? People often confuse authenticity and guilt, so be sure not to fall into that trap. Find who you are and what your inner voice or your heart tell you to choose. Then you will know how to handle work and your parents with integrity, love and, what many of you would call a happy ending for all.”

The Oracle


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