You Are Meant To Be Loved

heart linksYou are love.

And you are loved.

 And you are meant to love;

You are meant to have love, to have a romantic relationship, in your life. You are meant to have someone who you share your heart and soul with, someone who knows you intimately and openly. You are meant to be so comfortable, so in love, that can be yourself, authentically.

You are meant to love someone as they are and to see their true light shining through even in their dark moments; you are meant to laugh with them, enjoy them and know what it means to have such love that your heart is overflowing.

Now, we know that life and love are not perfect and that you don’t experience days without challenge.

But, we say, if your days held the perception that life was meant to hold such love;

If you thought of relationship in this light and anticipated such love;

If you choose to love another in these ways;

Then, we say, you would have an experience of a spiritual partnership- a soulful love with open hearts and greater dreams.

There are many disguises of hate and separation in your experience- but deep in your heart, your Source intends such love for you.

And this you are meant to have, to experience and to be.

-The Oracle


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