Don’t Find Yourself Being Arrogant When You Think You Are Being Helpful

Yesterday’s Story: I was speaking with someone I work with who is overweight. She said that a business neighbor in a shop a few doors down had offered her diet pills. This neighbor is a bit arrogant, the kind of person who makes you feel like they don’t have time for you or feign interest. Now, this isn’t a close friend offering pills…

No matter who says it, and the worker said people mention her weight often, there are a few spiritual flaws here in people speaking to her about her weight:


Can you imagine what kind of assumptions are being made? There is an assumption that she doesn’t know being overweight is unhealthy; another that she isn’t trying to change it; and a third that she wants to change it. Not that I think she wants to be overweight, but the point is that we can’t assume what she does or does not want, let alone what she has or has not tried.


Arrogance & Judgment

Next, there is a terrible assumption that it is ok to speak to another person about something personal. Especially when they don’t really know her all. The problem with this is that giving advice – and certainly pills- about someone else’s state of being comes from a place of judgment and arrogance. There is the assumption that the person giving the advice knows better – which is the arrogance.

After all, a doctor knows better or a nutritionist, but otherwise, no one save the person –in this example, who is overweight- knows best. No one knows what circumstances surround her weight – medical, physical, emotional…. Only in a place of arrogance can you comment on a situation when you don’t even know what the surrounding circumstances are.

It is only in a judgment that being overweight is bad or wrong can you feel compelled to say something.

 Removing assumptions, arrogance, judgment -and a distraction from focusing on yourself and the places you need to improve in your life- is the only way you will improve yourself spiritually or personally  and reach levels of greater vibration and flow.

 On the other hand, this gave us a great laugh when the person overweight said “yeah, I wanted to say ‘thanks, I didn’t know being overweight was bad for me because I’ve been living in a dark cave!”

Don’t be the cause of jokes, but the cause of up-lift-ment – see people in their light, not in what you perceive to be their lack.

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