Use Time Not Existing To Your Advantage

Time Doesn’t Exist: Use This To Your Advantage

It’s likely you’ve heard the concept that time doesn’t exist– doesn’t that sound like it provides opportunities for you? Of course!

Since everything is energy first, in this video Kalyn will have you tune into the memory (energy) of a past experience and help you uplift it. Just watch — and for more great lessons to help you live Larger Than Life, join the Larger Than Life  ongoing class that is starting up soon to improve all aspects of your life from your biz to your mindset!


Well, on one journey that Kris & I lead, we had all 15 participants bring a photograph of themselves as a child. They held the photo as we lead a deeper version of this meditative process and used the fact that time doesn’t exist to assist the boy or girl in the picture.

AT THE END OF THE PROCESS THE PHOTOS CHANGED. Everyone could see the change in their own photo and could see the change in the photo of other participants.

I know it’s hard to believe– don’t believe me! Try it, watch the video and have your own experience. Try it more than once because, if you can change your past, you’ll be in a better place today and tomorrow.

Needless to say, participants on our journeys CHANGE THEIR LIVES!


About Kalyn:
Kalyn is co-owner of the expert voice of her Online & Social Marketing Firm and the co-owner of The Golden Flow(TM) System of accelerated enlightenment and well-being. Kalyn is an author, medium and businesswoman – helping people improve all aspects of their lives.


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