Oracle Message Age of Authenticity Is Asking You To Look Within

Oracle Message

The Age of Authenticity Asks You To Look Within

In this, Age of Authenticity, we are encouraging people to spend time with themselves. We are encouraging you to look inward to your own self, as this is the origin of your personal power or your ability to create the life you prefer.

So many people instead look outside themselves and blame other, life or their circumstances for the problems they experience. This, however, is inauthentic. Can you see why? Can  you see that when you are blaming something outside of yourself for the problems in your life you lose your power, that ability to create the life you prefer? Can you see that when you find fault in something external and you attribute the cause of a problem to the external, then you are giving your ability to change the problem or find a solution to the external as well.

The Age of Authenticity is about tapping into your authenticity, which means knowing yourself. You cannot be in authenticity if you do not know that you are a powerful creator in your life.

You step into authenticity when instead, you recognize your own life and what you and your Source Energy have created; when you acknowledge
this and decide to make changes when what you are living is not what you prefer. You step into authenticity when you recognize that the shifts and changes you need to make to improve your life and to become a powerful creator, are truly shifts and changes with you. Changes in your energy, your thoughts, feelings and actions.

You step into authenticity when you realize that you can choose to love and appreciate your life, thus increasing and enhancing your experience, leaving blame and other emotional charges behind.

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