Private Sessions With The Oracle

Individualized sessions with the Oracle offer people the opportunity to apply Universal teachings to their lives with the Oracle’s guidance and wisdom.

The Oracle is able to see the energy that we carry, which attracts experiences, situations and challenges in our life we are meant to work through. By working through these we shift our energy, we grow and evolve, improving our lives.

With the Oracle’s help a client’s problems become manageable. The client gains awareness of their patterns and the dynamic of their life challenge. The client is then empowered to make the changes necessary in their lives.

Private sessions are powerful, clearing sessions whether in person or long-distance. In person sessions are done in Santa Fe, NM; sessions can be paid for via paypal or credit card. Private sessions are $175 for an hour.
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Kalyn RaphaelTelephone Sessions
Most clients today use a computer-based phone service, such as skype, so that the long distance session does not add to the cost of sessions. As long as your phone carrier allows for a clear connection (so that you can hear and be heard easily), this is a great way to make your call.


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