Understanding Energy – Karma Doesn’t Come Back

hubble-dying-star-eskimo-nebula_19427_600x450Energy Awareness:

“We say, everything that governs you, such as gravity and the law of attraction, is energy. You, thus, do well to understand energy.

We say, a common misnomer is about Karma. There is no golden rule, save a positive intent to have people treat one-another well. Bad things happen to good people and others get away with crime- clearly karma does not punish and there is no such rule.

Karma is a lack of love – very simply and accurately put. Karma is about energy you have that you are working through in your life. The only thing karma has to do with your last life is that you pick up where you left off on your navigation through the bringing of love into your life.

Let’s separate karma from the energy you activate. Every day you choose how to be, where to go, what to focus on and you choose whether to feel better about or worse about something. In all of these choices you are choosing energetic frequencies. Your choices, actions and attention to energy frequencies activates, or increases that energy. Simply put, if you are optimistic about your outlook on life, you tend to vibrate higher. If you are pessimistic, you tend to vibrate lower.

Whether you vibrate higher or lower, it is the frequency of energy that is significant to look at. This is the energy you activate and the energy that will manifest. Sometimes, depending on other energies you have active, manifestation is quick. Other times you think your actions and energy had no consequence when in fact they will manifest in time, whether it is a week’s time or ten years.

The energy you have active within you for a long period of time is the one you think is karmatic because it comes back in ways you do not like. When you realize that it isn’t something external, like karma coming back to get you, but rather it is the energy you chose and activated, then you empower yourself. You become the one who can change your life. You realize that karma is like a guide showing you where you need more love in life. You also realize that choosing higher frequency energies will help you bring more love into your life. In greater wisdom you begin to recognize that there is no good or bad in life, no judgment, but rather just energetic choices that raise your vibration or lower it.

You are the pilot of your life, setting a navigational course determined by the energy you activate and experience. Your Source Energy is also a significant navigator in your life, but Source only brings love and high frequency energies to your journey.

Take your every day to choose your rout. Choose what energy you wish to experience, knowing that what you activate is like a ripple in the pond of your life, the effects of which travel to the ends of the water. In greater wisdom, you will recognize that every day allows you to send the energetic ripples you prefer to experience today, allowing the now moment to be the only one you are clearly thinking about and allowing now to touch the time of your life.

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