Living In Your Source’s World Series – Part One (podcast)

(Join us for the next Oracle Gathering) Recently the Oracle has been giving amazing descriptions of the World of your Source, and lessons on how to live in it. When you are able to see through the eyes of your Source, you not only perceive the world of illusion very differently, but you experience it in amazing ways. Your deep desires and dreams become realities, manifesting in your outer world. More and more, we are moving into the Age of Authenticity, which began in 2012. Two worlds are forming, the world of illusion with all its chaos and suffering. And the world of Your Source, the Authentic World. You now have a choice as to which world you live in.

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As The Oracle’s Gift For You, These Oracle Gatherings Will Be Free Through 2012

As we move further into 2012, the Age of Authenticity, more and more you will see two worlds coming forth. One is the world that mass consciousness is experiencing now. In this world, call it the old world, old systems, political, economical and cultural systems are breaking down and falling apart. There is much contraction. There is much disconnect and chaos.

The other world is what we are calling the World of Source. In your Source´s world there is love, abundance, growth and expansion. Life flows and unfolds in seemingly miraculous ways. Those who are true to Self, which is being Authentic, see their world through the eyes of Source. When you see through the eyes of your Source, life looks very different. You can still see the old world, but you are unaffected by the suffering in it. You see the Divine purpose behind it all, but your focus is different than those in the old world. Your focus is on love. You allow Source´s love for you and you extend that love into the world. You know that all begins in energy and as you continue to give a positive, authentic energetic offering to life, life reflects that back to you in the form of the manifestation of your deepest desires and dreams.

The Oracle says:

“There are two worlds – the world of illusion, or Maya, and the real world, your Source’ world. One of these is real. We can ask which you’d like to live in, but we have a good guess. We know that the only reason you aren’t living in your Source’ world is because you don’t quite know how to get there, how to tap into it.”

Join us as The Oracle speaks about the World of Source and how you can move into this amazing world.

This will be an online event. Instructions on how to access the event will be emailed to you after registration.

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