Seek Who you are to Connect with your Source

“Become Who you truly are.”

“In finding who you are, in allowing yourself to be, you connect more and more with your Source, your alignment, your authenticity.”

The above quote and the other quotes here are from The Oracle during last Monday night’s TeleClass. In the class The Oracle brought us more clues, both on how to activate the Law of Attraction, and to create Well-Being and empowerment in your life. Who you are at your core is Source Energy. Source Energy is all powerful, all knowing, and already contains all the love, success and abundance you could ever desire in life. Through seeking Who and What you are, you connect to your Source energy and all its resources.

“By coming to this gathering, you are seeking something – Who you are. Without this seeking, you would not find your connection to Source, to your authenticity. Align your personality self to your Source – Who you are. Know that you are connected to something more, something with more dominion, greater potential, greater ability, and greater flow. “

There is a wonderful, deep, fulfilling feeling that envelops your entire being when you seek out and connect with your Core Being. As you do so, you come to know that you are empowered to live the life you truly desire, a life where all your hopes, dreams and desires are here in your reality, now.

Enjoy this TeleClass from the Oracle.

Love and Light,


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