Now is a Rare Time in Human History. You are Empowered to Manifest

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The Oracle Speaks on The Law of Attraction, and this rare time in history where you are empowered to manifest your deepest desires.

Now is a rare time in humanity’s history. It is the ending of an the old paradigm and the beginning of a much brighter new paradigm. It is a time where you are empowered to manifest your deepest dreams and desires.

Everywhere we look, the old structures and institutions in the world are collapsing. Recently we have seen a collapse of large financial institutions and corporations. We have seen governments fall. As the old energy is replaced by the new energy on the planet, we will see more break down of old systems.

For some this brings fear, however, for those who are able to see through the illusion, this is a rare time when you are able to plant the seeds of those things you wish to manifest and watch them grow. As the new energy comes in your deepest dreams and desires are able to manifest in ways not possible before. You are empowered through aligning to your Source Energy.

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