You Were Not Meant to Be Alone – Relationships and Belonging

Love and Belonging“You are not meant to be alone.” The Oracle

Are you frustrated by love and relationships? Are you having difficulty creating and maintaining a truly loving and nourishing relationship? Did you know that relationships are one of the quickest ways to grow and evolve on your Spiritual path?

You are Not Meant to Be Alone – Belonging and Relationships

We wish to speak to you about your relationships because more and more these will become vitally important to you. After all, a part of Who you truly are is about the people you love and that are close to you. It is, of course, natural, as you are social creatures. You require a place in the world where you belong, where you can be yourself and where you can develop yourself happily and comfortably. You require a place with people where you can be appreciated, valued and loved for Who you are, both the you with your gifts and the you with the weaknesses. You need a place where you can see yourself clearly, and seeing Who you are and what your persona is like can only truly happen in the presence of others.

So, here you are, a piece of Source Energy having an individualized experience. Even though you are individual, you are generally longing to belong and to be in a romantic relationship, where you are no longer a you, but rather a we.

Why is it that you come to be individual just to try to find a place you belong? You do this because you are here remembering who you are. Your desire to belong is large, as it drives your desire to remember who you are.

Belonging is not just about being in a relationship and feeling that you are belonging to with your mate. It is much more than that. It does not matter whether the relationship is romantic, familiar, friendship or work-ship, you seek to belong in all arenas of your life. You seek to be a part of something greater than just yourself because your longing is a way in which you seek to remind yourself that you are connected, that you are a part of all that is.

Belonging is a basic human need that you are driven by. It is more basic than your need for food, as you will see a hungry child seeks out its mother before food. You do the same. You truly seek out belonging, feeling loved and a part of. This is why people turn to different groups, or tribes. You turn to school groups, to internet groups, to common interest groups, religious or spiritual groups. You must. It satisfies a core need within you; it fulfills your desire to know who you are, because who you are is connected.

Your desire to belong, to be loved and a part of runs deep. It is so pronounced that you base most of your choices and actions on what you think will bring you a sense of belonging.

Use this to your advantage. Recognize that you are not meant to be alone, that you are meant to belong. Choose who and what you want to belong to. Choose how you wish to express who you are in choosing where you belong.

In class we will take this further and speak to you about the importance of choosing yourself first, even when you are seeking to belong, such that what you attract will then come from the highest energy you have available to you, ensuring the most loving relationship that will uphold the highest version of yourself. The Oracle

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2 Responses to You Were Not Meant to Be Alone – Relationships and Belonging

  1. RosieRandall says:

    I have a problem with the opening line ‘You were not meant to be alone’ For someone taking a healthy time-out from the drama of relationships, this statement may be taken as a source of stress & an invalidation. Would you say this to a spiritual leader who has taken an oath of celebacy, or who chooses to refrain for reasons of spiritual focus? Yes, we are social creatures, but the gist of this article/pitch is the focus on romantic relationships, and both Hollywood and pop music have already made this the dangling carrot of our age. How can you learn to truly be with others until you’re comfortable being alone? My perspective is that, for many, solitude is a natural state, and all relationships spring forth from that. But hey, maybe that’s just me 🙂

    • Kalyn says:

      Hello Rosie,

      Thanks for your great comment. It raises a question that, no doubt, others have as well.

      This universe is based on magnetism- positive and negative. We see this everywhere from atoms with electrons and neutrons to the yin and yang. People are the same- we are either masculine or feminine and attract the opposite. That is what we are – and we are meant to come together as we are social beings, as The Oracle said. As a matter of fact, we can’t not. We all meet someone who we have chemistry with and can’t help our attraction to them. We are meant to have these experiences.

      You raise a strong point- it is very difficult to be with others, to share your love, when you are not comfortable being alone, as this indicates a lack of self-love. We need to love ourselves first and foremost. After all, the Law of Attraction says that we will not attract love if we do not have it ourselves. Not everyone realizes when they have been in dramatic relationships and when they do need some time on their own to grow their own self-love. Being able to identify this in yourself is what will help you raise yourself to the next level. When you do so you will increase your ability to attract a more loving and less dramatic relationship.

      Spiritual masters vibrate at a different level that most. They are never alone because they have both self-love and always experience the love of their Source Energy. Actually, we all do. However, we don’t necessarily sense or know that we are always not-alone and in the presence of our Source, of love.

      A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they won’t find someone to love or to be loved by. This is quite common and it comes from a lack-based limiting belief. It causes them to feel that they are destined to be lonely.
      The Oracle wants people to know that this is not the case, that everyone who wants a romantic relationship is meant to have it; that any limiting belief that negates your relationship is invalid. It is important for each of us to recognize that we are not excluded from love; if love hasn’t knocked on your door yet or recently and you wish it to, then increase your self-love and you will find yourself using the universal laws of attraction.
      Ultimately the universal laws vibrate higher than our limiting beliefs. At some point our beliefs start to break down. As they become less activated in our energy universal laws become more dominant and we experience more love, relationship or what we desire in our lives. The trick is to break the beliefs down before they are active for too long in our lives.

      Love & Light,

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