The Oracle Gathering – The Oracle Speaks on the True Meaning of Relationship

In this Gathering with the Oracle, the Oracle speaks on the true meaning of relationship and love. A audio download of the live Oracle Gathering is at the end.

Here is the message for you from the Oracle:

Love & Relationships

“We wish to speak to you about your relationships because more and more these will become vitally important to you. After all, a part of Who you truly are is about the people you love and that are close to you. It is, of course, natural, as you are social creatures. You require a place in the world where you belong, where you can be yourself and where you can develop yourself happily and comfortably. You require a place with people where you can be appreciated, valued and loved for Who you are, both the you with your gifts and the you with the weaknesses. You need a place where you can see yourself clearly, and seeing Who you are and what your persona is like can only truly happen in the presence of others.

It is only before others that you see the reaction, the reflection that you invoke in others and this is what helps you to see yourself. That in seeing others more deeply, more lovingly and more compassionately you see yourself with these same eyes.

We wish to speak to you about what relationships are because for so many of you the examples of relationship you grew up with were not in the flow. The relationships that society often speaks of, romantic relationships, family relationships and sometimes work and friendship relationships are out of flow.  A relationship out of flow lacks the light and love of your Source Energy. It is generally characterized by being riddled with fighting, frustration and a general feeling of being disregarded by another. This is most easily seen and most pronounced in romantic relationships.

Relationships are meant to be something different. They are intended, by your Source, to be a place in which you extend and receive love, compassion and the joy of taking a life journey together. They are meant to energetically bring you closer such that you share the energies of love, of dreams and of becoming Who you next are together. It is meant to give you another, who reflects your energy in so many ways, with whom you can find honesty, with whom you can be reminded of whom you wish to become and with whom you can be corrected by love.

Love is an energy that automatically holds the best version of you within it. Love is a higher vibrating energy that dares you to dream about your best you connecting and communing with the best version of those you love and hold dear to you. Love brings you the strength, the courage and the desire to be Who you truly are, if you are willing.

Your relationships will invoke this love. Romantic relationship invokes it the most within you. Your relationships will uphold you when you trip and they will remind you that being in your Golden Flow is what means the most to you. They will remind you that your dreams are here now, and that your dreams increase when you are in the presence of your relationships.” “
The Oracle

The Oracle Gathering 2009-10-20 (click to play on computer or right click to download)

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  1. Leon Zurzuski says:

    Hello K2 I find the insight and understanding in “Relationships” stunning I didn’t think too many people see relationships that deeply, but for me a “right” relationship has many levels, if it’s right, Intimacy goes far beyond the physical to an absolute energy exchange where you can even see through the other persons eyes at times, also both persons compliment each other as far as healing, one can sense when the other is ailing on any level & has the connection to “lend energy” that is why for me it is so important to choose a mate carefully – you are never more open and unguarded as when your with your mate. a wonderful post that I enjoyed immensely….. ~Leon~

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