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Take Your Life to the Next Level:

Have you ever wondered what your purpose is in this lifetime, what you came here to do?
You are not alone. Welcome to co-creating in your Source’s World.
There is a bigger part of you that patiently holds your life purpose for you. And more than this, it holds all the tools you need to bring your gifts to the world. In this Journey you will learn how to tap into your Source’s world where you will find unconditional love, support and empowerment.
“Would like to say I really was blown away by all the guides on the power journey. Thank you all for words of wisdom and support- The energy was the most intense I have ever experienced!” Frank 

Join K2 (Kristopher & Kalyn) and The Oracle on an adventure into your Source’s abundance!
Take a trip to paradise- In The Beautiful Mayan Caribbean, Mexico –


Tap Into the Authentic, Connected You

Come experience the fullness of you in your potential-The Oracle always asks that we not believe them but rather that we experience things for ourselves;

Whether you are still learning to tap into your potential or whether you are working on staying in and fully living the energy of your Source, this journey will delight, enchant and raise your energy.

Your life will be altered in positive ways and your experience will change, as it has for those who have joined us on journeys for over 10 years! Venture to sacred sites to tap into the incredible energy of Coba, a pyramid uncovered in last thirty years, that you can use to enhance your life and raise your vibration.


“The Power Journey (retreat), for me was extremely challenging and extremely rewarding- so here are some of the gifts I received.

I saw the power of opening to life, to all of life, to all of the experiences of life, fearlessly.

I saw how I live on the surface out of fear, but at the same time, there is within me a power greater than I ever knew.  And as I begin to live from this power, who I am will be completely and totally transformed.

I saw the deeper intent for my life, and I knew how this intent can carry me through any wall, through any obstacle.  Even know I can feel the beauty and magic of this intent.

I saw how there is nothing in this world that can truly harm me. I saw my future life, what is possible for me, and it was beautiful.  

One last thing I can say is that I am truly grateful to K2, the unseen help, and the Oracle. It amazes me all the power, all the magic, all the beauty that can be if we are willing to open to our highest Self.

Love and Light



Do you have a sense of what you love to do, but are challenged by doing what you love and ‘making a living out of it?’

From The Oracle:

“Clearly life’s purpose is not to be difficult or complicated for you, if it were, we are certain you could imagine ten ways in which your life could be worse than it is now.

No, we say, life is meant to please you. You are pleased when you are being loved, and your Source has unlimited ways to love you.


We promise you that your Source is conjuring energies to increase your life experience so that you feel more joy, more love. In your Source’s world there is health, joy, success, empowerment, betterment and more awaiting you- .


We are here to change your mind and help you come to the place of clarity in which you see yourself as your Source Energy does; we are here to change your mind so that you can see your way into this unlimited potential of your Source’s world.”

The Oracle, is a collective of highly-vibrating energies who come through Kalyn to assist all those interested in raising their lives. Assisting hundreds thru the last ten+ years, The Oracle brings the light of awareness, clarity and personal empowerment, helping everyone find their authentic selves, their mission and helping them create a deep connection with the true source of power, vision and fulfillment in life- your own Source Energy.


“I want to express my thanks and joy for being able to connect with you –  I experienced a love and depth in my connections that I have rarely felt before.”

 “Kris and Kayln…
Thank you so very much….I love you both…I feel so loved and blessed.  Smiley Smiley Smiley  Thank you for the gifts, tools, processes, love and clarity and trust…….  I look forward to being w/ you both in person again sometime soon.
Unseen friends.  I am so gratefullll!!!!!!!!  thank you for everything….!!!!!!
Love and light,  Lyz”

Join us February 12th, 2014 for a week in paradise –

a great place to tap into Your Purpose!


DATES: February 12th to the 19th, 2014

IMG_0613LODGING: at The Bahia Principe – recommended booking through http://www.applevacations.com/ or http://rs.vacation1234.com/


These acommodations will give you an all-inclusive package which will include meals at the hotel and transportation, when you arrange it with them, to and from the airport to the hotel.



Included In Hotel All Inclusive Package: 

  • Seven nights at the all-inclusive Grand Bahia Principe (book through recommended agents for these inclusive benefits):
    • Buffet meals at breakfast and lunch, which offer just about anything you can think up!
    • Dinner at buffets or on-site restaurants
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Non-motorized water sports
    • Access to one of the many pools in any of the lobbies
    • Nightime entertainment on site – dancing & stage shows
    • Transfers to and from the airport (Cancun) to the hotel
  • Transformational teachings, classes and meditatitve processes

PAYMENT OPTIONS: (2 Options) Upon registration, we’ll contact you with your next steps and info needed for the journey.

IMG_0750FEE: Our Vacation-Journey-Retreat fee includes 12 hours (often more) of classes for the seminar portion. Please note that your lodging and air are additional costs which you can book at your convinience – recommended packaged booking are listed above for both the great prices and amenities they offer.

The fee for the seminar is $995 with a deposit of $475 by November15, 2013 – or $1,250



PAYMENT OPTION 1) Make your $475 Non-refundable deposit by November 15, 2013:





PAYMENT OPTION 2) Make the full Non-refundable Journey Payment of $975:






“The one thing that kept coming to on the power journey was the deep feeling of Love, and the power of my heart……he put his hand on my heart then told me to open my heart to the energy of the site……..I remember closing my eyes and really feeling my heart open.” William

Need more information, want to talk with someone who has gone or is going? Contact us today! (505) 695-1429