Breaking Dawn’s Leading the Year of Vampire-Authenticity

“I was born to be a vampire” says our protagonist in part 2 of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn. Her words are said with a delicate conviction that brings a new level of admiration to Bella’s character.


After all, we’ve been listening to her whine, be dramatic and play victim for several movies. But now, all of a sudden, we can see why she was lost. As a mother in this movie she’s grown up, no longer the dramatic teenager, but rather a more authentic vampire, if there is such a thing.


Yes, in the end we see that, in her own way, Bella has been true to herself throughout. An unconscious part of her has always known that she didn’t fit in, didn’t belong among ‘normal’ people, just as we don’t belong among are in-authentic lives.


And if her character irritated you, in this movie it is likely you’ve changed your mid. She is now the holder of something we are all missing and longing for, a sense of who we truly are and a place that we can be so sure of and so dedicated to that we can follow blindly. Yes, in this Age of Authenticity so many of us are awakening to a longing to be Who we truly are and, dare we hope, to know our Source Energy, our God. If we, like Bella, were so certain and so doubtless, could we too live in a secret, eternal world?


Here is the thing about it: we do have access to such a world, one devoid of our becoming blood-thirsty monsters, thank God! We all have our own world filled with our own destiny, a path created just for us. A word in which we are the version of ourselves that we prefer, we respect and we like. In this world, which is truly our Source’s world, we are powerful, capable and wonderful people. It isn’t a secret society literally, but metaphorically it is: it is a world in which we know the secrets to life. Our purpose and how to fulfill this is known to us; we are a loving being who can express ourselves eloquently and with great caring so that we are excellent communicators and, thus, hold relationships as magical and spat-free as Edward and Bella’s. The only cause for secrecy is that no one else would understand this world like our Source and we do.


Although most of us don’t experience this world, there are a lot of us with a sense of this magical paradise. Then there are many of those who dismiss such a world as a foolish distraction from the challenge-filled, war and hunger-filled difficult life we are all experiencing.


However, we are beginning The Age of Authenticy, a large cycle of time in which we will either experience Armageddon or paradise. One universal law is that we all have our own unique perception such that some of us experience a world of vampires while others of us experience a dangerous world of monsters, though we occupy the same physical space. Whether it is monsters or the threats you perceive in your world, the only difference is where we each choose to stand, and Bella recognized that an invisible world awaited her and then she made her place here. Somewhere inside, we all wish we had the courage to do the same, unless we already have. In that case, a vampire world might be as foolish as your own personal paradise, but that is what this new age will hold for you.


We all experience a desire to be who we truly are in life and we all long to live in our authentic worlds. We all have a destiny that awaits us, a pre-ordained path in which we become more than we currently are being. This destiny awaits us all and in this eternal now moment, it is available to us now. When we do muster the courage to be Who we truly are, to chase our dreams and to tap into our Source’s world then, like Bella, any whining or indulging we’ve taken part in will shift as we take this vampire’s example and follow ourselves into our own authenticity and our own magical world.

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