Spiritual Cinema: Eat Pray Love

   Imagine, spending a year seeking pleasure! In this movie, as you may know, the main character spends a year in three countries, finding the theme of her time in each to be the food she ate, learning to meditate and falling in love. Leaving her life and reoccurring problems behind, she takes a year to try to improve her life, deciding that waking up

unhappy and unenthusiastic about life is not a way to live.

    Now that is living a spiritual priority! Deciding that having a joyous life is more important than having a stable life or a relationship, or even your friends around is truly living your spiritual priority.

   The truth is that many of us miss one of the key messages of the book/movie. In Italy she is told that Americans tend to busy themselves, missing the “dolce far niente” aspect of life, meaning the sweetness of doing nothing. This is because many of us have a deep-seeded belief or premise about life that promises that if we don’t work hard, which excludes enjoying some time to relax, we won’t have what we want or need in life. Unfortunately, this is completely false and often keeps us from what we most value and want.

    It isn’t that hard work or dedicating ourselves to something is a bad thing- Actually taking actions is the only way to allow our dreams to come into our lives. Actions are meant to be a wonderful expression of our being. Doing things can be our part in allowing the energies that

we prefer into our lives. For this though, we need to be certain to tap into the energies that we prefer, say joy.

    We will never experience joy in our lives, however, when we are spending our time trying to do everything we can to make more money so that we can hire a housekeeper, giving us time to relax and feel some joy. Why not just take the time to relax and then take care of our responsibilities when we are feeling refreshed and joyful?

   Even better still, why not take the “dolce far niente” time to relax, to enjoy our homes and to find out what our being prefers to experience? Then we can focus the same energy and actions towards what we prefer, as opposed to just working for the sake of having time off later. In this way, many of us tend to put the cart before the horse, always seeking what we desire when we could be enjoying it now.

    Many of us blindly accept the belief that we must busy ourselves, even when it is unkind to ourselves. At the same time we also tend to believe that, regardless of our religious or spiritual beliefs, God is a benevolent being. The irony here is that we allow God to be loving and kind, but we are not necessarily this way with ourselves.

 Many religions attribute life to God; and yet Christianity says that God rested on the seventh day. No doubt, enjoying the spiritual

principal of “dolce far niente”, because life is meant to be enjoyed.


Written by: Kalyn B Raphael
Kalyn is the Co-Founder of the Golden Flow™ System, is a Coach of Coaches, a Channel, Author, and a Spiritual Life Coach. She dedicates herself to helping others live in the flow of well-being by living their authenticity. Learn about Kalyn’s coaching at http://coachmaven.com or subscribe to her newsletter at http://golden-flow-system.com/joynews

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