Spiritual Cinema: Interview With a Vampire

One of the most magical parts of life is that everything we experience is within life; therefore it has universal laws within it. Even a movie about Vampires!

The 1994 movie Interview With a Vampire, is a great story that applies to us all even though it is a mythological tail of vampires. After all, like us, vampires are said to (mostly) live the way we do. They go places, do things, fall in love and have homes.

The movie is a story, or the interview, told by the vampire Louis. He tells about his life, how he was made a vampire and about his two hundred vampire years of life. One of his many journeys or adventures includes a trip to Europe to try to find other vampires, which he eventually does. Initially he is happy to meet Armand, the four hundred year-old leader of the Paris vampires, someone to answer all his questions about being a vampire.

Armand divulges one of the most poignant aspects of being a vampire to Louis, giving us the crux of their existence and ours. Armand says that vampires do not change, but life does, and that he needs Louis to connect to the modern times. By connecting through Louis Armand can adapt. Otherwise, he says, the only thing that truly kills vampires is their inability to change. In other words, their rigidity is their downfall.

The idea proposed by Armand is that vampires become stuck in the age in which they were human. They subscribe to the beliefs of the time, to that life style and to that perspective of life and the world. As fifty years go by, there is a new energy bringing a new set of beliefs, causes, life styles and so on. As the world changes, vampires who cannot adapt get stuck in a modern, alien world that they no longer fit it and no longer know how to function.

This too occurs to us. When we are not living by our spiritual principals, we fail to evolve and change too. People who subscribe to the current trends in life can become invested in the identifying trends of a time, instead of being identified with themselves. As trends change, even from one season to the next, it is then easy to find oneself subscribing to and upholding beliefs and causes that are no longer around. This is actually a law of physics as well, the law of entropy: if organisms do not receive energy they will decompose. From Wikipedia.com:

“In this view, evolution explores possible paths to level differences in energy densities and so increase entropy most rapidly. Thus, an organism serves as an energy transfer mechanism, and beneficial mutations allow successive organisms to transfer more energy within their environment.”

On the other hand, people who stay connected to themselves and to their dreams are quite the opposite. They not only evolve and change with the times, but they tend to be the ones driving the changes and setting the new trends, which change as they do.


Written by: Kalyn B Raphael
Kalyn is the Co-Founder of the Golden Flow™ System, is a Coach of Coaches, a Channel, Author, and a Spiritual Life Coach. She dedicates herself to helping others live in the flow of well-being by living their authenticity. Learn about Kalyn’s coaching at http://coachmaven.com or subscribe to her newsletter at http://golden-flow-system.com/joynews

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