Spiritual Cinema: Being Human

The Beast, The Leech & I

 If I was going to identify with Sally, the ghost in the TV show Being Human, it would be because she is surrounded by monsters and thinks of herself as one too, even though she is just a dead human.

 I just discovered this show and am hooked. I have a fascination with both monsters and super-heros because they are the manifestations of the way we, as humanity, see ourselves. We see ourselves as imperfect and a problem or menace to others. We also see ourselves as as never measuring up to a high standard in which we are heroes and have super-human powers.


Is Your Self-Image Skewed?

 One of the greatest problems that people experience is mixed perceptions of themselves. Although it is doubtful that you look in the mirror and see a monster, everyone does it as some point. The worst part is that some days the thought is so quiet that it is predominantly subconscious, though some days it screams at us; some days we see royalty in the mirror; some days we see someone ready to conquer the world and still other days we see someone who can’t make life work no matter how hard they try. Other days still we look in the mirror and are so pre-occupied with other thoughts and concerns that we don’t see ourselves at all.

 While every day provides different experiences which change who we are and who we see in the mirror, the array is too vast. Our own self-image tends to jump around and too often includes an image of ourselves as some sort of monster.


A Normal Life

 Defining a normal life can’t be done across the board, but we can define it for ourselves. Normal ought to be something that is healthy and authentic. It is a state of being that is more balanced and actually includes the monsters within and continues without.

 In the show Being Human, the three main characters are all super-natural because they are a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost. The each think of themselves as a threat and as being harmful, but they have each chose to come together in their common attempt to live a normal life. As such, they make concessions for their abnormal needs, replacing human blood with blood packets from the hospital, haunting old relationships with new relationships for the ghost and turning by the moonlight in a safe, human-free environment for the wolf.

 Myths and science-fiction, no doubt. Still, Being Human illustrates a great concept, our 3rd spiritual principal of owning your life. Each character struggles to be the monster that they are and that they have found they can’t deny or run away from so that they can embrace this part of themselves and try to then have as ordinary a life as possible.

 Regardless of whether you see yourself as a monster, as normal or as a superhuman, the need to own who we are is imperative. When we allow and accept all that we are, for both our positive and negative points, we change what we experience in our lives and who we are. In this complete embracing of ourselves we even begin to change ourselves such that we change our abilities– and this is when we then become super-humans with extraordinary powers.

 Being Human naturally glamorizes the hell that each of the three main characters experiences, since they are also our protagonists. This is fabulous though, as it helps us  begin to release some judgements about monsters and, hopefully, about ourselves. It begins to introduce the idea to us of accepting the worst and learning to love ourselves anyway — and to even dream of a better life.

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