Spiritual Cinema: Oz

An Oz Spiritual Principal –

By Kalyn 

“Oz” was, hands-down, one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while.

I always speak of four spiritual principals, The Four Keys™, which are

Know Yourself
Own Your Life


And I like to talk about which key is represented in a movie. Once in a while I see a movie which illustrates them all elegantly…


I Want to Be a Great Man

Oscar, or Oz as he is known, is a charlatan magician with a traveling circus. When an old lover comes by, he turns down the chance to be with her saying that he doesn’t want to be an ordinary farmer, but rather a great man. Of course, he isn’t a great man, but a poor and dishonorable man, but life is all about choices. We all want to be great by our own right, but few of us make the choice, and Oscar’s choice is what then lands him in the magical Land of Oz.

Still, we all get that deer in the headlight look when faced with challenges we are certain are too great for us, such as going up against real witches with real magic. In other words, we all ask for a bigger and better life but then our eyes widen before the challenges this life brings. Knowing that he is a fake, Oz initially is looking for the opportunity to escape. However, he is quickly seduced by the promise of gold should he fulfill the great prophecy. The prophecy foretells of his arrival to the land and his defeating of the evil witch, freeing the people. Oz knows that he is not a true wizard and that the prophecy is well beyond his abilities, but sets out in hopes of claiming the prize: the kingdom and its riches.

A seemingly impossible task, well-beyond his capabilities. As a teacher in spirituality I have experienced such tasks and seen others be daunted by them continuously. Because no one is born a successful businessman, a doctor, a wizard or even a parent, everyone faces the tall order of expectations that they feel exceed their abilities.


And So, The Charlatan Is the Hero

In the movie Oz soon finds himself in the company of Glinda, the good witch, who introduces him to the people he is to fight for. Before such simpletons, old men and midgets, Oz quickly begins to back out and confesses to Glinda that he is not a true wizard.

Unlike Oz, Glinda has faith. She tells him that she knows that he is selfish and not a wizard, but she also knows that he is here for a reason and that the prophecy can’t be mistaken. Where he lacks faith in himself and the people to go up against the magical witches, Glinda knows it can be done.


The Four Keys™

Aren’t we all charlatans in our own way? Trying to secure the prize we are desiring even though we feel insecure, undeserving or incapable?
Know YourselfOne of the greatest mistakes people make in life is that the fool themselves. It may be that they tell themselves that they are brave when they are not or they may believe themselves to be someone different than who they authentically are. When we don’t know ourselves, we can’t know what we truly dream of or what our true strengths and gifts are, and we all have these. Oz knows himself to be a fake and this is one of his strengths. While he tries to fool others by presenting himself as a wizard, he is honest with himself regarding his desire to be greater and the reality of his fraudulent ways.

Own Your Life
A part of Oz’s strength is that, knowing he is a fake, he and his assistant know how to work things and always put on a great show. When things in his magic act don’t pan out or when an angry father comes after him for breaking his daughter’s heart, Oz’ ownership of his life allows him to continue to play every trick he can, escaping circumstance after circumstance. He is a con-man and a liar, but he knows it and owns these roles, using them to his benefit.Allow

 Life has a certain rhythm and rhyme to it. Many try to fight this, trying to force things to be different. Although Oz doesn’t have too many choices once he’s in the hot air balloon and caught in a tornado, he allows the ride and winds up in the Land of Oz.

The combination of our keys put Oz, as they do anyone, in a position of power. When we know who we are and we know and take ownership ourselves and our strengths then when life comes along and puts us in the right place at the right time, we automatically know what to do.


The only thing missing was Oz’ ability to have faith, like Glinda. Once he changes his mind about himself and sees that his unique trickster ways were just what he needed, he was then able to put on another great performance and fool the witches.

This is what spirituality truly is: taking your gifts and expressing yourself in life. Like any great story, Oz becomes a hero when he works The Four Keys™ to help him be and express his authenticity. We are all meant to be the hero of our own lives and, what I liked best about the movie, was the fact that Oz thought himself to be a fake, but we all are. He then brought this around when he chose to be great, which we all can be.

One overwhelming message life always delivers is that we are all meant to be heroes. While there is no manual to help us become our authentic inner-wizards or witches, we all can become great magicians when we live The Four Keys™, as did Oz, making him the great and powerful.


About Kalyn

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