Where Does It All Come From?

Star TrekA funny thought entered my mind as I was playing on Facebook tonight- Facebook, what a novel. About 11 years Mark Zuckerberg puts this thing in motion that has greatly changed and impacted the lives of almost everyone. What an amazing thing, to create something to touch so many all over the world. Then another thought jumps in my mind: do you think people from other countries are wowed at what Americans can do and create even though we use an illogical measurement system? In other words, doesn’t it seem harder to create things when one isn’t using an easier and more logical system like the metric system?

Next, the image of Benedict Cumberbatch, who played Khan in the new Ster Trek movie, and Chris Pine playing the Captain, pop into my mind because they both have played several roles in which they are unstoppable masculine forces, like in this movie.

And then the point comes forward as The Oracle points something out to me:

These men are all affecting and shifting people in different ways; in the example of the actors, they come from two different countries, two different systems, but still affecting people and mass conscious thought/experience.

This is because these men are identified in themselves. They are not limited by anything like the ideas, systems or countries they were born into. It is something else that is driving them to do more, be more and touch so many people through an amazing creation like Facebook or their acting in front of a camera.

They are who they are and in these acts they are defined only by who they authentically are, which makes their ability to impact the world far more unlimited than it is for those who allow themselves to be defined by their country, their profession, their family name and so on.

Identification is a powerful thing. It often limits us when we think we know who we are because that is how we were brought up or what we were told. It takes on a whole new dimension and power in our lives when, instead, we look within to find who and what we are. The Oracle says you cannot allow yourself to be defined by the world of illusion, for it does not truly exist. In the movie The Matrix Neo finds that he has been living in a false world, and becomes unstoppable when he no longer sees himself as an inhabitant of that world, but as who he is based on his truth.

Where do you look for your truth? What defines you and what are you identified with?

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2 Responses to Where Does It All Come From?

  1. TheLifeMan says:

    Good questions Kalyn, if one day someone wants to find a piece of truth or more pieces or all of it, then one is one the right track. But when one stops it, there’s nothing to find there.

  2. Marie says:

    Thank you, this is so great.!. What i am finding is that I am still feeling the fear of survival in my material work-day and to be financially able to go to places where i find ever more of the joyful expansion and increasing awareness and more of the nonphysical truth.. i wonder if there is a possibility of to no longer be in need of daily working in order to pay for all the truth-finding and a life in relaxation and freedom and for the Feeling of Home. I am getting better in creating things, but still i am wondering, if I ever get to be in a place of being able to do what I always wanted to do.. and I see how Life itself is my journey Home… and how grateful I am for that. all my love

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