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X-Men: First Class gets two thumbs up, but what do I tell you about it? Do I write about the themes of acceptance, authenticity, peace, good versus evil, or being a super-human?

This is one reason X-men was so great, it touched upon so much. I’ll go with the super-human theme, a great one, especially in these times as we approach 2012.

We are all human, just ordinary humans. While no one has super-human or evolved mutant genes or powers, we all have the potential to do and be more. Simply speaking, we can all be extra-ordinary.

We have a fascination with super-human powers or abilities– because there is a part of us that knows that we are meant to reach beyond our ordinary selves. As John Mayor sings, “I know I’m much bigger than my body gives me credit for”.  This is a great line because it alludes to the fact that we are extraordinary and that we are larger than we appear in many ways.

X-Men was great because it was all about expanding beyond our ordinary selves and into a greater version of ourselves. This version has great potential but is often left asleep within instead of bringing out our extraordinary aspects. Even with their mutant powers, the characters in X-Men all have to learn to harness their ability. They confront some of the deepest parts of life by finding who they are, where they stand and then doing their best to live up to this. In the movie their special powers alone do not make them extraordinary. It is something they have to choose to be and to live
up to.

Now you may think that X-Men is just an imaginary story, which it is. However, the symbology and the representation of our inner abilities which can grow beyond the ordinary is quite real. Finding the ability within us to have enough courage in our lives to bring our gifts and talents forward, to leave our fears or judgments behind and to expand into our extraordinary selves… this is the challenge of life that we all face. Still, it is only a few who will take the challenge on.

This is also what 2012 is truly about– about becoming extraordinary; about becoming who we truly are and living an authentic life that matches who we are. It is about embracing ourselves, no matter how odd or mutated we may think we are, and finding our unique aspects that turn our potential into our reality. Like the movie, it is about having the courage to embrace our inner monster, transforming it into our outer strength.

X-Men may be a fantasy movie, but having the courage to become who we truly are is our own avenue to evolution.
Written by: Kalyn B Raphael
Kalyn is the Co-Founder of the Golden Flow™ System, is a Coach of Coaches, a Channel, Author, and a Spiritual Life Coach. She dedicates herself to helping others live in the flow of well-being by living their authenticity. Learn about Kalyn’s coaching at http://coachmaven.com or subscribe to her women’s newsletter at http://golden-flow-system.com/joynews
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