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Don’t Find Yourself Being Arrogant When You Think You Are Being Helpful

Yesterday’s Story: I was speaking with someone I work with who is overweight. She said that a business neighbor in a shop a few doors down had offered her diet pills. This neighbor is a bit arrogant, the kind of … Continue reading

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A Tribe of One

One of the most complicated things about life is that it is simple. Yes, it is so simple that we often miss what is right before us. Tribal Love By Kalyn  The two most sought-out and desired things in life … Continue reading

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Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part-2 As A Reflection of Your World

I can’t believe it’s been over fifteen years! I’ve read all the books and now I’ve seen all the movies. Last word: Good triumphed over evil! Initially I thought to myself that this was too easy. Life isn’t black and … Continue reading

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Oracle Message: What Do You Believe?

What Do You Believe? Let us take a moment to stop and look at what it is you believe, as this becomes one of the energies that you most activating by thinking. What do you believe? Do you think that life is … Continue reading

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X-Men: First Class

            X-Men: First Class gets two thumbs up, but what do I tell you about it? Do I write about the themes of acceptance, authenticity, peace, good versus evil, or being a super-human? This is one reason … Continue reading

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Sure, There are Wildfires in LA all the Time, but Not Too Many Fireplaces

So, I’m an LA girl, meaning that I grew up in Los Angeles, southern California where a “cold”, though uncommon day, brought hail.

The weather is a bit different here in Santa Fe… if it only hails, then it’s not too cold and we’re having pretty good weather. Today it’s snowing and I’m home for the day. We recently got a wood-burning stove, which I have greatly enjoyed because the heat it creates really warms up the house. The downside of a wood-burning stove is that if I want to keep its heat going, I have to keep the fire going. Kris started the fire before going to work this morning, which I was glad for. Me? No, I haven’t started the stove’s fire before. Continue reading

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