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Allowing The Road Of Life To Bring You The Next Great Vista

You are better at holding and guiding energy than you may realize. Just like movies of magic wands or scepters that are pointed in a direction to stream energy and affect the world, you too guide such energy. You, yourself, … Continue reading

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Don’t Find Yourself Being Arrogant When You Think You Are Being Helpful

Yesterday’s Story: I was speaking with someone I work with who is overweight. She said that a business neighbor in a shop a few doors down had offered her diet pills. This neighbor is a bit arrogant, the kind of … Continue reading

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Spiritual Cinema: Oz

An Oz Spiritual Principal – By Kalyn  “Oz” was, hands-down, one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. I always speak of four spiritual principals, The Four Keys™, which are Know Yourself Own Your Life Allow Express   … Continue reading

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The Key To Unlocking Your Universe

Oracle Message New Age of Authenticity For many of you, your world is changing. You see the changes as positive or negative depending on how aligned and connected you are to your Source Energy. We say to you, this world … Continue reading

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What is the True Meaning of Relationship and Love?

In this Gathering with the Oracle, the Oracle speaks on the true meaning of relationship and love. A audio download of the live Oracle Gathering is at the end.  Here is the message for you from the Oracle:  Love & … Continue reading

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Master Energy and Master Your Life

Podcast: It All Begins With Energy, Master Energy to Mastery Your Life It is known that everything begins with energy first before it comes into form. Through developing the ability to sense energy and shift energy, you can manifest a … Continue reading

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