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Open To Life

Today we wish to speak to you about your desires, the things that you want in life. While we know that you ask for them, we want you to know you don’t always welcome and allow them. Are there conditions … Continue reading

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Allowing The Road Of Life To Bring You The Next Great Vista

You are better at holding and guiding energy than you may realize. Just like movies of magic wands or scepters that are pointed in a direction to stream energy and affect the world, you too guide such energy. You, yourself, … Continue reading

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Spiritual Cinema: Illusion

 The concept or metaphor of our lives being but a mere string of sparks on a screen is one which I’m sure belongs to many esoteric schools, including the Toltec. Don Miguel Ruiz told us, his students, (many years ago) … Continue reading

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Sure, There are Wildfires in LA all the Time, but Not Too Many Fireplaces

So, I’m an LA girl, meaning that I grew up in Los Angeles, southern California where a “cold”, though uncommon day, brought hail.

The weather is a bit different here in Santa Fe… if it only hails, then it’s not too cold and we’re having pretty good weather. Today it’s snowing and I’m home for the day. We recently got a wood-burning stove, which I have greatly enjoyed because the heat it creates really warms up the house. The downside of a wood-burning stove is that if I want to keep its heat going, I have to keep the fire going. Kris started the fire before going to work this morning, which I was glad for. Me? No, I haven’t started the stove’s fire before. Continue reading

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