A message from the Oracle: This is the year of authenticity in the age of authenticity

We speak to you always about everything being about Who you are and who you are becoming.

A belief is an energy within you that is stuck. It is different than a thought that is based on your now moment. Your now moment brings you experiences which you are meant to flow, meaning you are meant to welcome the experiences, allow them and then allow them to go. You then are meant to respond to the experience. This is what it is to live, your now moment.

A belief interferes with your flowing process by allowing the stuck energy from your past and imposing it on the now moment. It takes you out of the now moment because it is not based on the now moment experience, that you are meant to allow to come to you, as you instead recall and revert to this energy from not-now.

Thus, a key to allowing yourself to be Who you truly are, the version of you that is higher vibrating and that is living your potential and your dreams, is to belong to the now moment free of your past. It is about releasing the stuck energy of your past, beliefs which you may or may not think are true. True or not, they are not a part of Who you truly are in your potential as your potential and highest-vibrating self is in the flow.

Your Golden Flow(TM) is the flow of energy that comes from your Source Energy. This flow is so bright, beautiful and powerful that the white light of your Source takes on a golden glow. You are always connected to your Source’s Golden Flow(TM) but it is to varying degrees. When you are in the flow of life and you feel the love of your Source and Life, you feel as though all is well and things will always work out; you feel that you are a significant part of life and that you matter; you feel that you able to live your life joyously and as you prefer– this is being in your flow, your Golden Flow(TM). And it requires being in the now moment, as living in the past or the future will take you out of your flow.

This is the year of authenticity and you are meant to become Who you know yourself to be, the you that you prefer to be. You are meant to grow and evolve by expressing yourself, by living the expansion of your dreams and by feeling who you truly are. It is the year to connect with your Golden Flow(TM) in the now moment and know the love of your Source Energy.

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