A Question On Frustration Around Desires



When I try to be more of what I see as my authentic self or I try to make my life more of what I want it to be, I just have a tough time. I get frustrated dealing with things in my day that aren’t who I am or what I’m doing.


Why do I get discouraged? Should I just give up on trying to change and go back to just doing my best in what life brings me?




“What a wonderful question you have put before us, John. We know that others have a similar experience, so thank you for asking.


You are clearly tuning into a more authentic or expanded version of yourself and your desires- you are getting a strong sense of Who you truly are and what you prefer to experience.


When you then shift your focus back to your now moment, the moment doesn’t match the higher-vibrating energy you have tapped into and this can be difficult as you truly can feel at odds, separated or unhappy.


What we want you to be aware of is that it doesn’t matter whether you focus on your desire or whether you just focus on your now moment, what life is bringing you, as you say. What is important is that, either way, you are tuning into a higher-vibration. In other words, it does not matter where you focus, Law of Attraction still attracts onto your life according to your energy. So, keep your energy up, regardless of where you focus, and you will attract more of what you prefer.


We will also say that your dreams/desires are meant to be comforting, exciting and a source of joy or creativity. When you can tune into these and feel uplifted then tuning into your desires will help you maintain or raise your vibrational offering for Law of Attraction to bring you more wonderful things.


If, on the other hand, your dreams lead you to feel separation or unhappiness then you would be wiser to focus upon something else that will help you raise your energy.


Your Source Energy, or the creative force in your life, is unlimited. It holds unlimited ways and avenues to help you create the life you prefer and help you be Who you authentically prefer to be. Thus, it matters not what you use to help yourself maintain and raise your energy. Either way, the higher your energy, the better when it comes to allowing both you and your Source Energy to use the Law of Attraction to attract all that you are and all you prefer.



The Oracle


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