Allow Your Source Energy To Flow Endless Gifts To You

calm river“We say, a lot of people try to change the flow of their lives which is like trying to move a river. They expend great effort and energy to try to make things be or go as they want them to.

We say, this is a recipe for exhausting and aging yourself. We say, life is meant to be a dream. Life is meant to be an endless stream of experiences in which you are receiving love from your Source Energy in many forms. You are meant to receive this love in the forms of your desires fulfilled, experiences that bring you pleasure and joy and feeling of self love, self confidence and self expansion.

These gifts are meant to come effortlessly to you, not as a pushing of the river. These gifts are meant to keep you joyful, youthful and energized.

Tap into the flow of love from your Source and you will be allowing your life to please you. Stop focusing on how you think life should be and begin to allow life to flow, as every river knows exactly what to bring in order to deliver clean waters, lively fish or what you desire – in abundance. Create no dams to try to control the flow and instead allow the flow. This will provide you an effortless, endless stream of pleasurable gifts from your Source Energy.”

The Oracle

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