How To Become Aware of & Release The Attachments You Don’t Know You Have

floating flowersWe say, sometimes you want to try to figure things out in order to change them. You have a misconception that understanding what causes a problem will enable you to solve the problem.

Last night Ms Kalyn had a coaching class and one woman was understanding some of her patterned behavior and did not wish to repeat it. Still, knowing this wasn’t helping her. Knowledge about something is not the same as the energy to unravel or raise it. This woman held attachments that were keeping her from being able to shift her energy. When she flows the attachments, she will release the undesired behavior and she will also have knowledge as to what to how to change her experience.

We want you to thus see that the understanding of what ‘is wrong’ and the knowledge as to how to change it are two different things. Understanding does not yield to change.

We also want you to see that you may think of attachments as things you don’t want to give up, but you can also have attachments to things that you may deem negative, as the woman in the coaching. These attachments to things you don’t prefer or like tend to be attachments that you are not aware of. They tend to be attachments from parts of you that misperceive that, for example, being upset at everything you feel you have to do or the ‘should do’ is helping you, so you are attached to being upset. We say, you become attached to being upset as if it will provide something positive for you, such as a false sense of security, defense or being right.

When you flow your energy you will find that you don’t need to understand. Of course, we do not discourage you from understanding, but we do encourage you to make faster, more beneficial changes for yourself. Flowing your energy will allow you to shift your energy more quickly. It will allow you to skip any trying to figure out of your problems or your solutions. Flowing will, instead, shift your mood and energy and bring you the knowingness of your solutions. It will greatly assist you in making the changes you seek to make.

We say, be aware of your attachments to both the things you feel benefit you that you don’t want to let go of and the things that do not benefit you that you also are not letting go of. It is only in a state of openness that your Source Energy can bring you new energies, new experiences and help you become the version of you that is more empowered and is living more of your dreams.
-The Oracle

-The Oracle

The Oracle speaks a great deal about raising our energy and matching who we know ourselves to be and what we wish to have/experience. To this end, they gave us the Golden Flow™ System – an accelerated Enlightenment, Abundance and Well Being system that releases attachments, blocks as it uplifts you. To learn more, please go to


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