Become The WHO You Are Meant To Be

“We like to speak about your potential because everyone has a sense of Who they are truly meant to be. We know that you have seen glimpses of yourself living with great joy, having what you prefer and experiencing things that you know you are meant to experience. Yes, you all have seen your potential, but do you realize you are meant to reach and live your potential?”

Now, to some this is a bit of a bitter subject because your potential, which you may also think of as your dreams or yourself in a more empowered or capable position, may seem bitter-sweet if you feel tested, as though this carrot is always before you. We are here to tell you that it isn’t meant to be your motivator or an empty illusion, but rather your potential because it is who you are meant to be-come and what you are meant to be-having or experiencing.


When you sense your potential this is you tapping into your Source’s world. Your Source Energy, which you might call your God, your Higher Self or Creator, is a part of your every hope, dream and desire. Your Source holds your greatest possibilities for you with great love and is always looking toward your receiving and living these. You sense this and when you are not reaching that potential, you get discouraged.


Now, what if you changed your mind so that you didn’t get discouraged and allowed yourself to more easily reach your potential? You see, by simply thinking and feeling that you will reach your potential you can put yourself more so on track. You always grow and evolve in life unless you are out of your own flow of life.


As such, you do realize these potentials. Take a moment to recall the dreams you held for yourself just six months to a year ago. Are you now living or closer to these desires and dreams? Are you feeling more as though what you were hoping for is closer to manifesting? Take a moment to look at your life. Who are you now and are you experiencing more of what you used to strive for or dream about?


When you take notice of your process in life, you tend to notice how many things you have come to live, to experience and to be. When you realize that your potential holds the next evolved version of Who you are authentically becoming and what you will authentically have and experience, then you stop trying and you start to get into the flow of your potential in which it is coming. You start to tap into receiving more of your potential, at which point it shifts and becomes the flow of your experience, that is always being created for you from your Source Energy.


Look to your own life: find your potential and then change your mind, recognizing that it is becoming a flow of energy entering your life.


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