Can you not have love in your life?

Grassy FieldAll is love. Thus, we say, can you not have love in your life?

Not from our perspective and we know you hold a differing perspective. We say, if all is love and the love of your Source Energy truly surrounds all of your life, then there is more love for you than you can imagine, and there is, whether you are single or in relationship.

We say, if you are open to love, if you are seeking love and if you are allowing it, it will come.

When you wish for love or more love in your life but are not experiencing it, there is a part of you that fears love, fears being hurt or fears opening to another.

When you think of increasing the love in your life, do you open with excitement or does a small part of you feel fear? Does a small part of you close down, ensuring you will not be hurt?

What do you love in your life? When you love, you activate love. When you focus on being loving you experience more loving in your life. When you are open to love, you are more welcoming. You are welcoming of strangers you meet, keeping your heart from shutting down and keeping your mind from judging or turning them away before you get to know them. When you are welcoming you find something to enjoy even in those who are not your potential lover. You find something to appreciate and something to like about the person and the experience. You find yourself in a more joyful place because joy is the byproduct of love.

Open to love. Activate love in your life. Be more loving– and love will come your way and increase its presence and the joy in your life.


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