Connect With The Source You Are part 2

Podcast: Connecting With The Source You Are, part 2

The minute you desire to be a lover, a businessman, healthy, a parent, as soon as you specifically know, know that you want to be a parent, at that point your source energy has that energy of a parent, of healthy, of abundance, of success…your source energy is everything relative to you as a persona.  It has all the possibilities that you couldpossibly hope to have to be, all of them exist in your source.

It is only the persona that has illusion of being separate, of not yet being a parent.  When it is the persona becomes the parent, at that point your source shifts itself.  By you becoming that parent, by you receiving your source energy, whatever that is, of parenthood, when you receive it and are fulfilled and youreceive that joyous love, at that point, your source gets to observe a part of itself, which is you, taking that energy, receiving that energy, that love, that joy.

In observing itself in this way, your source, in seeing you receive that manifestation, your source shifts, it has the experience of receiving that manifestation, that energy.  This is why your source has these desires.  That’s why your source gives you these desires.  Therefore, that’s what you the persona is here for.  You are here toexperience life.  IN experiencing this life journey, in experiencing the different aspects of source energy that you are, that you experience at work, with food, with hobbies, etc…as you experience, you find what you desire, what you would like to be, to have, to experience.

In so doing your Source has the experience of you finding that desire, of you knowing what you desire, that is something that your source energy can not do if it does not send a piece of itself down to have a life journey.  it can not have the experience of an energy expanded, like desiring parenthood and being a parent.  This can not occur if you are not having a life journey.  In this way, source expands through you.  You are an important part of your source.  You are never disconnected from your Source, even if it feels like you are.

You are always guided, you are always loved, you are always taken care of, when you allow these.

Listen to the entire podcast below:

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