Contrary To What You Want

Ilsted_The_open_door“Generally speaking, we say, you know what you want. You may or may not know how to attract it quickly, how to become it, but there are some simple behaviors you can become aware of that will enable you to shift your energy into greater fluidity and greater allowing.

We say, if you are not experiencing everything you prefer, then question your own welcoming of your day, your life and what you prefer. Everyone thinks that they are always welcoming of what they prefer but even your thinking tends to be unwelcoming. When you think about what you prefer to have or experience, whether it is simple, a cup of coffee today, or whether it is larger to you, to find the love of your life or attract a small fortune, when you first think of what you prefer, how do you feel? Are you welcoming or contrary to it?

Do you hesitate in feeling you deserve it? Do you instantly take a contrary position in which you feel that you wouldn’t be able to speak or love at the level of your dream lover? Do you shy away from spending time enjoying the thought, the day-dreaming about what you would like? Are your thoughts telling you that, if you had that kind of money, all would be well, without thinking about who you would be and how you would feel (which would be welcoming) with such money? Thinking your problems would be solved can be contrary, as it is a way to resist your problems and your current experience.

We say, where or how are you contrary? We say, being contrary means that you are, at some level within yourself, choosing to hold a position, a thought, a feeling or an energy that is contrary to what you prefer. This, we say, is like standing in a door, blocking or limiting the energy that can come through, although this is the door that would bring forth what you prefer.

Last week we spoke about attachments you may not be aware of; this week we say you also may be contrary without realizing it. Here is a way for you to check whether you allow life to bring what  you prefer through the door or whether you stand, contrary and blocking the entrance.

Ask yourself, in an experience in your life, do you think, feel or speak as though you are being given what you were asking for or do you take a contrary position? Are you focused on welcoming and receiving what your Source Energy is always bringing- what you ask for? Or are you distracted with something else, often what is wrong with what another said or did, activating a different and often contrary energy?

We want you to understand that your energy becomes bound when you are contrary to what you prefer. When you instead stop focusing on making sure the world around you is as you want it to be, which is contrary to how it is and what you desire, then things will flow. If you change your mind and choose to loosen some of your focus so that you are welcoming of your preferences instead, you will find your experience shifting in directions you desire.”

The Oracle

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