Desires in December 2

 “A person who follows their dreams is a person who taps into the unlimited possibilities of life.”

dreamsCan you believe that knowing what you desires (or what you wish for, dream about, hope for) is one of the hardest things for people to allow and connect with?

Shutting down our hopes and categorizing our wishes as ‘unrealistic’ generally comes from being told ‘no’, ‘you’re asking too much’ or from thinking that Santa didn’t receive our wish list. Growing up we can become so accustomed to the heart-melting feeling of disappointment that many avoid this by no longer asking for anything, or asking only for what can be justified as absolutely necessary.

Still, you can’t help but want more and a part of you can’t help but see how it would like to have life improved, how life could be sweeter and to see glimpses of yourself living the dream. There is always a part of you that continues to dream and to hold desires because desires are the platform upon which the program of your life is run.

Without desires you wouldn’t be able to plug into the matrix; you wouldn’t be able to awaken to who you truly are and the unlimited power of that being. Your desires are like a roadmap to life, to your own evolution and a fountain of happiness, love, abundance, prosperity… Your desires are like arrows pointing you to your Source Energy and your ability to live the life you have always wanted and still dream about.

Lifting the grey cloud that hangs over you and basking in the warm sun only comes through the acknowledging and living of your desires. So, where do you start?

The first step towards allowing the world to be your oyster is to allow and feed your desires. It is also the first step in the free class we sent you last week.

Your Gift

Keep your eyes open for this week’s free gift which will come to in your email early next week (because our desire was to go on a cruise, so we have limited online access and have to send it when we’re back on land).

In the meantime, start to make a list of what you desire. Your list can have three wishes or thirty; it doesn’t matter. The key to unlocking the life you most recognize as your heart’s song is to change how you see your dreams: Let yourself dream, let yourself hope and validate these. It doesn’t mean you will expect yourself to have everything manifest here and now, but you will start to open yourself to possibilities and energies you may not have been allowing to enter your life before.

So think of your list as possible, plausible. Think of your list as the key to who you are becoming as you tap into living your best life. See your desires as a language of their own, a language you are learning to speak which will guide you through the best adventures and take you to the best places in your soul.

Decide that it is possible and connect with your hopes and desires often; wish for it all and dream big and tap into that unlimited part of you that will create it all, as you wish.


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