Manifesting Gift #4 | Permission

Authentically YouWe hope you have enjoyed the Desires in December and that they help you live your dreams and manifest your wishes.

We have received wonderful feedback on the three gifts we have given so far; because these all require time to do (to read The Three Laws of Manifesting, or to watch the video and listen to the meditative process), today’s gift is a special one that won’t take your time.

After working with people on creating the lives they prefer and manifesting their dreams for over ten years, one of the most common hurdles we have found is that people often don’t feel deserving of their desires or they don’t feel like they have permission to have them.

This stems from being told ‘no’ as a child; from having difficulties in life and feeling that we only deserve what we have worked hard for, like an A in school. However, life is not based on a reward and punishment, although we often interpret it this way: if you rob a bank, you will be punished with jail time (punishment)- but if you dedicate your time to a charitable cause, you’ll likely receive a certificate of appreciation (appreciation).

Your desires do not adhere to the idea of reward and punishment. However, they do lead the way to a more authentic, loving and expanded version of you.

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