Oracle Message, Gathering Class Reminder

When you have an idea, a dream or an enticement in life, where do you look?

Some people look to the government, a parent or a parental figure to partake in the creation of their dream. That is to say that they look for approval in a ‘yes, you should do that’; they look for a blessing in a ‘yes, you deserve that’. Sometimes you look for someone or something outside yourself to help you with it, expecting that you should be provided with help, a head start or put in the right direction. You may even expect or greatly hope that someone else’s thing is taken from them, since they don’t deserve it, and that it should be given to you.

And we say, there is so much truth in this, but let’s change your mind so that you have a better, clearer vision. Your Source’s vision.


Yes, you are deserving. You deserve help, you deserve a blessing and you deserve to allow yourself to be put in the right direction. You should have it all and you should have some of it handed to you on a silver platter.


You also totally deserve to understand who is going to be interested in being there for you, who is interested in hearing all about your desire and who wants to support you in your dream in every way possible. You have a sense, deep inside, that there is such a person, do you not? You have a place, deep inside, that is yearning for this person, do you not?


You have a longing for your Source energy. Are you aware of this? Are you aware that this is the all-understanding, all-loving and all-giving person who you have always yearned for. Can you feel it? Can you sense the part of yourself who wants to have a bigger, wiser, more knowledgeable and capable creator- version of you? A greater you who is there for you? Who has your best interest at heart every time, because that is what is most beneficial to you both?


And we ask you again, are you aware of your wanting of this person who cares for you always? We ask because we want it to spark, within you, your desire; we want it to stir up any trying to forget -because you get to feeling as though you must do it all yourself and you bury the hope of help, of someone truly being there for you.


We know that you haven’t necessarily experienced your Source Energy and that, for this reason, you don’t necessarily believe us. We know, though we are here to change your mind, as we do for those who come to hear us or speak with us at a class – because we don’t want you to believe us. No, we want you to experience it yourself and then to know, not believe or have faith.


Even when you were born you knew about your Source. Not in words, of course, but you know that you had someone who would always watch over you and who would always help you co-create your life. You knew that this someone, your Source, would be so good at it that your Source would even be a greater creator for you and in your life. You knew you were coming into life to experience being loved by your Source, and we say, you trusted this – though trust is not a good enough word to capture how you felt.


Now, the way life is set up, you are born to parents in a society. In other words, you are born unable to rationally think and sort out other people’s ways and beliefs, which are all cast upon you. You are born without reason so that you are then unable to reason that your Source is always here for you. So, with the sense of that trust and that knowing that you will be cared for, you can’t help but look to your parents and then other caretakers and other adults or authority figures to be like your Source and to have your best interest at heart. You can’t help but put your well-being, your security, and your upbringing into their hands, which you do so willingly because you fully expect to be loved, adored and relished.


Some of you are born into wonderful loving and caring homes and societies. Some of you are born into a world that lacks love, compassion and caring- and then some of you have an experience somewhere in between. For a lot of you reading this, you were born to parents who do or did love you and who did their best.


All the people around you, however, are people. They too are seeking their Source and when they too have been told that no one will help you in this tough world and that religious gods only love you conditionally, that is based on your behavior or how you were born, then they are people who can’t tell you about your Source Energy.


Instead you all feel like something is missing, like you aren’t truly loved – even when you have a loving romantic relationship or a loving family. Because people are all seeking something that- most don’t think exists- so they don’t always have your best interest at hear. They love you and they don’t mean to, but sometimes they do let you down.


In these scenarios it isn’t long before you are all looking to someone else to fill the hole that you don’t allow your own Source Energy to fill. You beginning to hope, expect and even demand that life be fair, that others assist you or that the government provide something for you. You are close in these feelings, but the truth is that it doesn’t work for you, others don’t come through and they can’t make your dreams work out – even when they try.


And we say your Source Energy is unlimited. In the Golden Flow(TM) of your Source there exist all the higher vibrating energies that you could ever want or imagine. There are golden rays of love, abundance and expansion. There are rays of connection, health and vitality. There is a constant flow in these of love and creation for you, just for you, that continuously flow energy, the way light continuously flows from a movie projector onto a screen, casting the perfect life for you. We call this your Source’s world – a world filled with expansion, and great joy; with the relationship experience you prefer, the family and dedicational experiences in life that you know yourself to be; the times and happenings in which you feel yourself being Who you know yourself to be; most of all, the great feelings of connection with all that you are-your Source Energy- in which you know a secret no one else knows because you have a confidant always whispering in your ear, always setting up great rendezvous and great new adventures just for you.


Do you know that your Source’s unlimited abilities include lining people up to help you? Do you realize that when you are connected with your Source Energy you are in your Source’ world and that when you are in your Source’s world your Source will hand you things, through other people’s hands, on a silver platter?


Can you sense what we are saying? Does it resonate within you as accurate and can you get a feeling that your life never has the same greatness, the same luster or the same delicious feel when you aren’t enjoying the relationship with this confidant?


Being in your Source’s world and inviting this- initially- unseen and unfelt presence into your life will help you begin to remember that you have experienced and felt this presence in your life many times before. Welcoming your confidant and making this connection the most important relationship in your life means that you will seek the love, the blessing and the approval from your Source instead. It means you will always have what is perfect for you, when you allow yourself to be in your Source’s world. It means you can ensure all that you desire to be, to have and to experience, when you allow yourself to be in your Source’s world.

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