Romance Is Attraction

Grassy FieldWhen you are in love, when you are falling in love, you are activated. We say, your energy is active at the vibration of romance. You are in an energy that is more magnetic and attractive.

If you are not there now, how do you activate this in you? How do you turn on your magnetism?

The energy you activate is as simple as how you get ready in the morning as it is all a matter of where you focus. Getting ready means thinking about and focusing and you begin to think about getting dressed, washed, eating and such. What you need to do becomes evident and apparent. When you focus upon romance, your thoughts of romance increase in a similar way. The thoughts come from energies being activated such that your ideas about an ideal mate, feelings of romance and thoughts about a wonderful date increase.

Yes, it just comes from your focus. We say, to experience more love or to attract your love, focus. Focus on love in your life. Focus on how you will feel and what you will enjoy doing together.

We say, we know that at times your focus becomes distracted by other thoughts which may not serve you. Thoughts about being rejected or not show interest or attraction. We say fears of never meeting the right person or fears of being hurt can jump in, clouding the brilliant sunshine of your wonderful romance focus.

We say, if this happens then flow. Flow your thoughts because you only experience the undesirable thoughts more when you avoid them. Allow your thoughts because it is only when you allow them and then re-focus on the focus of love and romance that you will begin to shift your energy and, thus, what you attract.

You are meant to meet love in your life. You are meant to be loved and experience wonderful adventures with your lover. Your Source Energy has this for you, if you so desire. It could only be those undesired fears or worries, which are truly energies out of flow, that would create an experience of a lack of love in your life.

No, a lack of love is invalid. Not because you are, but only because you happen to be in an energy of lack that is not meant to be. It is truly an illusion, and if you like, it is time to set that illusion straight and to experience the love that is here for you, the mate that you can share your life with. It is time, if you are choosing so, for you to have a spiritual relationship.

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