Speak With Your Source

landscape“We say, do you speak with your Source Energy?

Do you look at your life and tell your Source about how you are feeling, about what you are dreaming about and about what you want to become?

You forget that your Source listens. You forget that there is, in your Source, an endlessly interest that is focused on you.

Speak with your Source, if you listen and talk long enough, you will begin to receive a response. The response may be in one of many forms, depending on how you best receive. You may hear an inner sound, you may have a sense; you can suddenly know or become aware of the presence of your Source and what is being communicated.

You can practice this and it is certainly something that we teach for those who wish to pursue this.

We say, what we most want you to hear from us today is that when you speak with your Source you can ask your Source about your experience. You can become aware of what your Source is helping you become so that you may live your dreams. You can speak with your Source about a pattern or challenge you encounter and would like to move past.

You have unlimited help. Many do not realize or acknowledge this, but you can. Speak with your Source Energy often and come to know that you have a resource, a creator and a granter of all you wish to be or experience. Thus, this is the most important relationship in your life – see it as such and you will see your life shifting. You will find yourself feeling loved, gifted and more unlimited.”

The Oracle

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