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Hello Everyone!

Since time doesn’t exist, it should be no surprise that it is already December and 2014 is just around the corner!

Desires In December

manifestingThis is the time of year that The Oracle has us look at our desires. They have us do this because desires (des-sire or of-God) are a guidance system that leads to fulfillment, expansion and joyfulness. They also have us focus on desires this time of year because we are closing out one cycle, the end of one calendar year, and starting a new one. The end and start of cycles is important and, when done in flow, can be strengthened and improved – which is why focusing on manifesting and desires is important this time of year.

Your desires connect you with your Source Energy and help you know who you want to authentically be and what you want to experience to live your best, most unlimited life.

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Today’s Lesson

(Taken from The Three Laws of Manifesting, a free download or a book on

The Law of Self

Kris and I have two spirituality students. One asks me, ‘my world is larger than hers, why does she have more money?’ – A great question! See, as large as your energy is, is as much as you can attract into your life. Think of it this way: as long as your arms can reach, a metaphor for your energy, that is how much you can touch and grab and bring closer to you, or how much you can attract into your experience. So, the larger someone’s world, the larger their ability to attract – take Donald Trump, he owns all sorts of real estate, businesses and his world is large (literally too), as is his energy, his personal power and his ability to manifest.

However, you may understand LOA (the law of attraction) inside and out, and you may know that you want to clear energies that block your ability to activate the energy you prefer to manifest using LOA, but like my student, LOA can not work. Why? Because there is a larger law at work… the law of Self.

Simply put, you and your Source Energy dictate the laws. Deeper than LOA is your own energy, your own purpose and your own laws. What may be divinely blessed for you might be a sin for another. One person may need a debaucherous night (though not usually) while another may need to go spend a month in a monastery. The world is different for each one of us – and you need to know what the ‘rules’ are for you. You need to know who you are and what is correct for you in your life. When you live in accordance to the laws of Self (which is capitalized because they are the laws from your Source or Higher Self), then you’ll find LOA is always on your side.

Live by Self-

What is true for you?

What is your purpose? What makes your heart sing?

Who are you and what do you know you need to do to live who you be?


Next blog – Let’s end the 2013 cycle as best we can – even with the holidays and family ‘stuff’ coming up!!!


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