Video – How to Break Life’s Illusions and Experience Abundance

By Kalyn

(video below)

Life is change. Did someone tell me this was a year for change? Because the changes started in January and they haven’t slowed down – still, I choose to go with the flow regardless. The question to ask at this time (or during any change and insecurity/uncertainty it might bring about) is — who am I and what is my intent?

Who you are and your intent will guide you through the rest of it all, no matter what does or does not change around you.

Your Life Consists of Mirrors, Beyond the Mirrors is Who You Truly Are


Have you ever heard of the concept of your mirrors, i.e. what is reflected back to you in life? Due to the Law of Attraction, life reflects back to you what you are reflecting? However, what is in the mirror has to do with the changes; on the other hand what is real and eternal has to do with seeing beyond the mirrors, beyond what Law of Attraction brings you. It has to do with who you really are and your intent.

Do You Need To Work Hard To Be Rewarded?


The Oracle speaks about the world of illusion and the rules that govern it. One tough one for me is the limiting belief that working hard will be rewarded. The universal truth is that high-frequency vibrations of love, enjoyment, connection, intention and so on, are the ones that express your authenticity. In turn, these attract more high-frequency vibrations.

The More You Love What You Do, The More You Will Love What Life Brings You


The more you love what you do, the more you’ll love what life brings you to do – and I’ve experienced this. It also means that the opposite can be experienced – the more you work hard and put forth blood, sweat and tears, the more you’ll need to work harder for life to reward you– and I’ve experienced this too.

Are you wondering how both can be true?

Well, as The Oracle puts it, the world of illusion is reflective. If you put out one vibration, that is the vibration you then attract. Life’s mirrors reflect it back to you. You can also say that the energy you activate is the energy that you then attract back to you through Law of Attraction.

Two Kinds of Change – Universal and Personal


I don’t know that your year has been filled with as much change as mine (and my family’s) has been, but in case it is, it is important to distinguish between change that occurs because the universe is evolving, changing and bringing us new and different energies, and changes that are a reflection of us.

It is also important to remember that, regardless of the reason for change or anything else in our lives, we are here to break the illusion. We are here to see past the reflection of energy, life’s mirrors, and to see the energy itself.

How Do I Break the illusion?


Yesterday during class, someone said that life’s been tough. She has been in an ongoing challenge for years that doesn’t seem to lighten up. When life gives you bitter, rotting cherries month after month after month, it’s hard to make lemonade. It can be difficult to think a happy thought when things seem to be crumbling around you or a problem is affecting more and more of your life.

Below Is a Video That Show How To Break the Illusion

As you watch this video, you’ll hear The Oracle address the woman in class, but you’ll notice a feeling that The Oracle is speaking to you and helping you shift how you see the worst of your problems so that you are feeling able to break the illusions in your life and so that you are feeling more connected to who you truly are and your intent.

You will find that the video will shift your mood, thoughts and energy – so yes, you can watch it often if you like. Enjoy. It is mine and Kristopher’s intent that it empowers you and that you find the love, compassion and wisdom of The Oracle. We also invite you to come to experience The Oracle first hand through an online class, meditative class or retreat.


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