The Gift of Love

heart doorLove: Holes, Whole and Completion

“We say, one of the things you most want is love.

Why? Are you incomplete without another? We say, yes and no.

You see, you are a complete person. You’ve noticed that you are an individual; you operate your day to day life, you have your own hopes, dreams and desires. You have family and friends and you relate with them. Yes, you are your own authentic person.

Physically you are a complete person and in physical love you can connect, so that two become one whole. Just like your yin and yang symbol. Each piece is it’s own complete piece, and the two complete pieces create a whole.

So we say, you desire love because it makes you whole.

We say, the trick comes when you have holes, wounds in your heart and in your energy. These holes mean that you are not complete. When two people with holes come together, they still are incomplete and, thus, they cannot make a whole.

Ms Kalyn is creating a class on spiritual partnership. We say, a spiritual partnership is about your being complete and coming into the whole of a loving, spiritual partnership. It is about becoming complete in order to attract a partnership.

We say, learn to be complete within yourself. Learn to hold love for yourself and your life. Become Who you authentically are. Notice that people who are complete have more wholesome love in their lives. You have the same desire for such love, as you are meant to. You have the same ability to experience the new hights your life can take when you take your relationships from incomplete connections to complete mind, body, heart and soul connection that occurs in the blending of two: two Source Energies and two humans creating more than  you can imagine.

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